How do you guys balance you life, fighting games and gaming in general?

Armed Forces member here, and married. I have a backlog of about 300 games from PS4/PS Vita, Wii U/3DS. Mainly RPGs but I also own most fighting games and racing, problem is…

…SFV. I want to get good, just bought a fight stick and see myself spending a minimum of 1 hour training SFV every day, bought Fire Emblem for 3DS, played just like 5 hours.

How do you guys do it, only play fighting games, only play SFV?I want to “git gud” but have no idea of what an ideal training schedule should be.

Play when you can. Wouldn’t dedicate all my time to the game, or any game in general, but when you got a free hour or two then play, and know how to get the best use of the time.

I really don’t expect to get tournament good. But in MKX I was top 1,000(felt like an achievement) I know in SFV user base is wayyyy higher but getting to silver(1009 right now) would be real cool

I have a full time job and i go to school.

“Git Gud” goes hand in hand with enjoying the game.

Just practice mastering a character and learning what he/she is capable of.
Then cycle between applying what you learned and playing online matches.

It’s not about conquering evo or your locals, but being the best player you can be.

I would just do what you want when you can. When I was in the service, my free time was not consistent, sometimes I’d have no free time, sometimes, I’d have a ton. If you live by a scene, go to it when ever you are allowed to, and participate in the tournaments and gatherings. I got better each time I was put under pressure at a local tournament because I learned a couple things I didn’t before.

Slowly work your way up with little achievements. Get 2 consecutive wins one day, than maybe 3 consecutive wins another.

Shut the fucc up and take a walk scrub :coffee:

Luckily wife is pretty supportive of my gaming responsibilities lmao, she even told me I could buy an arcade stick. Got this one, was going to buy the VLX but it honestly had nothing that I could say “Yeah, its worth the extra $100”.

I may look around and go to a local tournament just to call myself a tournament player xD. My biggest problem is that I REALLY like my RPGs, but well, we all know how addicting Fighting games are. Every time I lose 1 I need to win 2, effect multiples if I lose more than 1 in a row lmao.

Just get rid of those activities you don’t really need to do like brushing your teeth, showering, and wiping.

He’s learning street fighter not Smash Brothers

I’ve met some pretty smelly street fighter players

I enjoy fighting games, but it’s definitely a juggling act when you’ve got a full-time job, a side-hustle, trying to stay in shape & eat healthy, plus other extra-curricular stuff. I try to keep my focus on one or two games; right now it’s just SFV. I go to locals when I can and try to learn from every loss. I also keep notes on my gameplay so I know exactly what to practice when I hit training mode. The goal is to optimize the free time that I do have so that I can get better. Train smarter, not harder.

don’t sleep

You needed your wife’s permission to make a small purchase like that? Man fuck marriage I don’t think I can do it. I needs my freedom do buy what I want when I want with my money.

My life is imbalanced. I don’t spend nearly enough time playing Street Fighter.

Badass over here.

You don’t balance your life and gaming. Many top players are just bums.

And how exactly am I trying to be a badass new guy? I was simply saying that it sucks that he has to run such a small purchase by his wife first before buying it. I could understand a major purchase like a car or something you run it by your spouse first. But a game controller??? I don’t want to have to be in such a position so yeah fuck marriage. Maybe learn when to reference a meme before using it.

Hoody just finding out married guys have no money :rofl: