How do you get up after getting beaten down so far?

Today was by far the worst days I have ever had playing Blazblue. Every match that I played I could not get 1 BnB combo off or 1 mix up correct with Ragna, I could not even get 1 cross up correct with Tao.

I take myself as a decent player I have practiced, played, beaten, and got beat up, But today is different…I can’t even stand to look at myself I messed up so bad. Things that I could have done never happened, things that I could have blocked or countered ended up hitting me.

I love the game I have fun playing it but what happened today…I can’t even get myself to pick up the controller and watch the videos to see what I could have done better…I have no idea what to do man.

Everyone has off days.

You’ll get over it.

Also play offline with friends more. Good stress relief.

Take a break for a while

maybe play a different game for a while

kind of how like if you study hard then give it a day to all sink in you’ll come back and be able to remember everything you’ve studied without trying

Try to do some exercise to get your blood pumping, then do some meditation. It helps me a lot when im having bad days. It just helps clear your mind and you can think faster and better.

Go to youtube and just type “meditation music” and combine the song of your choice with

Give it a shot. Trust me, it will help.

I try to play with people who encourage me to keep going (aka, friends). It really helps. :]

*I usually say “Fuck this game” and come back to it either in a week or in a month or two. During that time I switch to a FG and concentrate on that usually by the time I come back to the game I was sucking at my overall performance seems to be much better and consistent. *