How do you get Tatsu/Sweep 100% of the time?

I’ve been playing Akuma for quite a while now and for the most part I’ve been relying on just the standard tatsu->srk bnb when i land a hit confirm. I’ve been trying out Tatsu-Sweep because it drastically can improve my vortex mixups. However, there are issues I have with characters that can be tatsu-sweeped.

I was just wondering how most players land it consistently because I can’t. Maybe at best 50% of the time. Is there a specific thing you look for after you land the tatsu? Do you guys plink the sweep input? Is there a timing to it that you have to see on the screen?

I’m curious to know as to what you guys do to successfully land the tatsu sweep everytime. Please share. Thank you!

I plink the after the tatsu, but that’s mostly out of habit. You can probably get the timing down by pushing the button once but plinking doesn’t hurt you at all. So I would probably start with plinking it. Also I watch how the other character falls and have become accustomed to doing the sweep when they are a certain point in the air. Just gotta head to the lab and practice until you get it. It’s pretty easy once you get the hang of the timing.

I noticed that he kinda “bounces” after doing the tatsu. So, whenever he bounces and he gets into the position where it looks like hes crouching, that’s when I can hit it., even without plinking.

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