How do you feel about Money Matches?

The more and more I visit different areas of the world playing these games I have noticed how incredibly different people’s ideas are about money matching and gambling on games in general.

When I visited Japan during 3s era, from what I could tell there was no money matching. I would like to know if it is common in Asia for people to money match because I know gambling is quite big there.

Where I am from in Canada, it is non-existent, however I know money matching and betting at Toryuken and Canada Cup is just HUGE.

Here in Germany it is quite common for people to money match and people actually come to events JUST to gamble (not even being entered in the tournament).

I personally don’t money match because I don’t have a lot of extra money, I don’t like gambling in general, and I don’t like taking money from people(especially friends). I prefer to play the game for the sake of outplaying the opponent only because that is why I enjoyed playing the game in the first place.

What do you think about money matches, do you play them? Do you think they hurt / better the game / community? Just to be clear I have no problems with people money matching I just want to know how others feel about it.

In japan, gambling is against the law, that is why they don’t money match

lol ur joking right?

No, they have a lot of stupid laws over there

the japanese certainly like to when they leave japan… since its free money :coffee:

Money Matching is really a “thing” because of MvC2

You weren’t getting first because Justin would win, so MM other top players to prove yourself while also making a little money

There’s a reason MMs in other games aren’t as hype or matter…because the playing field isn’t as hilariously lopsided. There’s no Justin winning everything (the closest thing is MvC3 and Chris G) for years and years.

So Im fine with MMs, but they don’t mean as much to me in any game aside from MvC2

Its a little understandable if you research their culture. Generally gambling is not only seen as irresponsible to them, but dangerous to someone else should someone lose and get mad. See: Marvel 2.

I don’t mind money matches. I like em in fact.

While on paper yes gambling is illegal under the law, but there are many facilities and circumventions of law that allow ‘betting money’ gambling to take place. Pachinko/Slot parlors, Mahjong parlors are just as common if not more than Casinos, Poker style gambling outside of Japan. So no, gambling occurs just as much in Japan if not much more than the west.

They don’t money match because…they don’t. Japanese are very kind, peaceful people that generally avoid unnecessary standing out and confrontation. They don’t feel the need to ‘prove’ themselve via betting money, if they want to they will just do a FT x, just without the money part.

In the US FG scene, especially within Mvc2 theres a stigma of ‘proving yourself’, ‘gaining superiority’ and ‘acceptance’ through money matches.
Theres a lot of player ego involved and MMs have been a proven very exciting and hype so its engouraged( i love them too).
I see it more of a culture difference between the two. I don’t know abuot Eurpoe.

Actually this one has to do with the fact that the yakuza have a strong economic power in japan (and are partially legal there), that is also why they have a law that forbids to give money prices on any type of contest or laws against prostitution, of course they have a lot of creative ways to play with this laws.

Of course, no one hates free money.

That being said, are there any hype MMs I can watch on youtube?
I’m sure you guys know some.

I want to see something exciting like clockwork vs Neo MM.

im a big fan of darkprince vs anybody

Sanford v. Duc: No shoes. No shirt. Nothing but hype.
Just the highlights, but you can find the full match in about 19 parts on youtube.

Josh Wigfall v. Darkprince: The pretty smile.

Darkprince v. “Washed up MFers like” Clockw0rk: Stay till the end for Watson grinning like the grinch and fanning himself with money.
Part 1

Money Matches are interesting because they do various thing. They allow certain players to turn this into a semi-functional part time job. You can go to tournaments just to money match people and, if you are of good ability, come out positive at the end of a weekend. In a different way, they allow for certain matches to happen which wouldn’t normally be seen in a tournament. Given that the seeding is somewhat random (seeded but some of the other players are scattered around), you may not see two particular players face each other at a tournament; money matches allow create a space where those two players are given a venue in which to play each other in a serious manner. Lastly they also work as a form of conflict resolution inside the community. There have been high level to low level beefs that have been settled by doing a money match; Toan vs Fanatiq started because of some random beef and they took to the MM. In my community two players had been beefing and sorted by a 50 dollar money match. It isn’t necessarily perfect but it does give people one more avenue of resolving things without resorting to violence.

So yeah, money matches. Cool subject.

@Hood57 in that match Sanford vs. Duc, is that Justin Wong beside Sanford and did I see Zhi in there somewhere?

That’s Justin. Or in Marvel terms: that’s God sitting next to the President telling him what to do.

Justin being there was a big point of contention as having Justin coach you in Marvel is the biggest advantage you can have in the game. Without Justin there, it would have been a much different set. Especially since it was easier to get in Sanford’s head back then. But, Duc agreed to it. You could write pages about the background of each of these matches and how each came about the way they did.

Some other people you might recognize: Chris Matrix, is right up front in the crowd, so is Jaha… Marn starts out passed out on the floor while everyone is jumping and screaming around him, then he wakes up and joins in. Mr Wizard is the guy with his back to the stage looking unamused.

Isn’t one of the laws in Japan also that an entrance fee to a tournament cannot be used as part of the prize money?

When at Evo and Japanese players are on the money match only stations, they get upset when you play casuals on then. Not a culture thing, people want that money. And what better way to make someone take the match more seriously when something is on the line.

lol@that old highlight vid

dontcha know the whole match is up now

best MM ever

funniest MM ever