How do you deal with runaway?

And I don’t mean someone zoning very well, I mean straight up running away the entire match. I mainly ask because the one person I’m able to play with locally plays strictly runaway; in every game we play I wind up chasing this fool to each corner multiple times in one round.

Sometimes though, I have a huge problem with it and it really frustrates me because honestly it SEEMS like something that shouldn’t really be working. Not that I’m blaming him for doing it, moreso myself for not being able to deal with it. But for example, sometimes in AE he can just jump back Roundhouse/Fierce constantly, and sometimes I’ll get hit by it a ton while I try to chase him down and will wind up losing. Same thing happens in Marvel, though it’s way way way easier to beat than in AE; same thing also happens in KoF. Right now, it’s happening in Skullgirls with Double’s jumpback Roundhouse/Fierce as well.

I’m just looking for different ways that people deal with these sorts of tactics. Like, if the jump-back move is good enough, I really can’t actually figure out what to do. I think right now, Skullgirls is what has been giving me the hardest time, both Double’s jumpback fierce and roundhouse both seem very good, and I can’t figure out how to get around it at all.

Sorry if I wound up rambling, tl;dr: How do you beat/take advantage of the fact that someone constantly jumps back and uses a certain character’s best air move? I can sometimes fish for airgrabs, or just normal anti-airs but that usually either isn’t enough or I’m just not doing it correctly enough for it to be effective.

If your opponent is willing to rushdown the other side of the screen, until they’re at their own corner, let them. People forget how powerful keeping someone in the corner can be. It’s having superior “stage” control of the map, where you’re able to limit their options based purely on spacing. Once they’re in the corner, they only have access to a few tools to get them out of it, all of which are predictable (if you know the matchup well enough). Either they’re forced to play the ground game and fight their way back out, or risk doing a jump attack, which you should be able to counter with a solid anti-air.

Also, having match footage to watch will make it a lot easier for us to help you out.

As someone who plays runaway I can tell you that the best way to stop it is to pile on the pressure. You mentioned Skullgirls and Double’s j. HK specifically, Avery will disappear if you hit Double. If you can catch the guy in the corner you need to never stop attacking. Just make sure to either use your safest pokes or supplement your game with a lockdown assist like Cerecopter. If you find that he’s just blocking, cancel your pokes into a grab.

It would help more to know what your team is.

get them in the corner. you know they are running away and that they will try to switch to run away the opposite direction when they get in the corner so learn your best air pokes and utilize them to keep them in the corner

Let them run into a corner. Then apply this:

Basically put, if the guy wants to corner himself then it’s all the better for you. If he’s managing to go from corner to corner, then you’re not punishing his attempts to escape from the corner well. The footsie’s guide article should help out.

How do I deal with runway as a casual non-tourney player?
I leave the lobby and find someone else to play with.

Just gonna give up those free wins like that?

Pick Guile hit him with a sonic boom then just hold down back and counter accordingly. Or any projectile character get the health advantage and then if he runs he loses. For Marvel learn a-c a.teleport b. wave dash c. super jump and rush him down or learn to play keep away and just do it better.

Also, if you have a life lead against someone who likes to play runaway like that, then you can just do the same thing to him. Forcing him to come after you throws him off his gameplan, and he’ll probably be more likely to do something risky in order to get in and regain the life lead.

pick juri. catch projectiles with kasatushi. Toss fuhajins back. Punish mistakes -hard-.

That’s what zoning is for

The general rule is, force them to the corner patiently and then don’t let them out of the corner.

the way i deal with it is let them run away into the corner, then maintain your position that maximizes your ability to get a clean anti air

a few things to consider:

  1. in the corner, dumb people think jumping back against the corner is a good idea.
  2. if you get the life lead, let them run away
  3. in the corner you can control the space in very dominating ways. aside from jumping they will hold down back, hit them with overheads, when they start blocking high, hit low then tick throw. Throwing is such a good idea because it will keep someone in a frustrating hard knock down loop

Sometimes I have the same problem. Yesterday I fought one Ryu that was playing “hit and run” all the time, and to get worst he set 60sec for the time. So, He hits, run, run, run,… time’s up! The Best I cuold do was to punish every try of “hit”, because these players only run when they are winning.

I’m at a very begginer stage, and the tools I have to approach my opponent aren’t the best (like my english), so I understand you so much.

PS: I play SSF4 as Boxer

Get a health lead. Let him run and avoid all projectiles. Wait for timeout. Salt WILL occur. Thats how I deal with people like that. Make the game as boring as possible so they try to do something, once they do I shut em the fuck down.

This is basically what a good runaway player is trying to do, herp a derp. Force the other guy to play the game so you don’t have to. Pisses him off to the point where he’ll make easily punishable mistakes.

Of course “good” runaway players are few and far between.


Pick Sim.


The problem I get with this is in certain match ups. If I’m playing Guy and he really wants out of the corner, he’s probably going to get out. I’m still learning SF4’s wakeup pressure, and if that fails, I can maybe land one more good hit before he runs to the other corner.

In SFxT, it just seems to me that you pretty much have to mix your team up between speed and power. Yeah I see a really skilled player being able to figure out the Defense and get in no matter what, but if I come up against someone with great runaway potential (Vega) combined with a great zoning character, I going to end up battling with the timer.