How do you clean up your inputs?

Hi. I’ve recently changed my controller, started using new characters and playing new fighting games. Zoning is meh-ok, but all I do in close combat is MASH buttons. I train and tell myself before a match what exact combo I should aim for. But it seems that my training regime is so-so. Mashing is very presistent.

Playing more is an obvious solution but I’d like to optimize my playing and training time. I only have 1-2 hours a day.

So, how do you clean up your inputs?

not in training mode. Unless you still aren’t comfortable with the actual motions yet. The urge to mash will come back until you get in under control in real pressure situations. Keep playing matches and focus on not mashing even more than winning. For you at this point Not mashing and losing is a better result than mashing and winning.

Anyway, time to head over to Paris and see if this ballroom is open yet.

You play KOF13 and do trials, if that wont teach you to clean your inputs up, nothing will

Don’t focus on “not mashing.” Focus on doing something else, like blocking. Watch what they do, don’t worry about winning the individual match, and learn. You probably mash because you feel scared or uncertain. If you remove the uncertainty, you’ll be less likely to mash.

Turn off input display.

Also, try relaxing (take a deep breath) and slowing your motions down a little for a while. That’ll help with muscle memory.

In training mode are you purely stepping up against a static opponent? Using the record/playback function and getting them to move around a bit and throw stuff will teach you how to actually GET TO your combos in the first place, if you’re purely learning the combo, there’s no doubt you’re gonna get overwhelmed.

This. Bought a stick not too long ago, and I was having a hard time with trials. Doing trials with Athena, King, and Leona helped me to stop mashing during combos and confirms (like I used to get Athena’s command grab right after a dp wasting meter until I cleaned up my inputs and button presses).
I don’t get accidental dp’s as much in other games either.

I also know that if I start mashing, it usually happens online. I think unstable connections induce mashing. IMO it’s better to play against someone who is always one bar, than to play against someone who fluctuates between connection qualities, because it messes with your rhythm.