How do you cancel SSF4AE

Hmm, trying to learn basic combo’s with Oni, and one of them is s.lp x 3, xx h. Tatsu.

So what does it mean to cancel the medium punch? Press back? Forward? Can someone explain canceling to me

Ok so just to make it easy to explain…

If you mash a bunch of punches and kicks you notice not of all of them come out correct? That is because you pressed an input before another was finished so it did not fully come out. Canceling allows you to cheat this but only certain moves are cancellable.

So basically if you wanted to cancel a medium punch into a Tatsu you hit medium punch and while it is still being thrown do the input for tatsu and the punch will automatically cancel into the move. It does not need to be timed.

This was a terribly shitty explanation and I hope it makes sense.

I see. Thanks. I was under the impression it was like the Kara Cancel or whatever, where I focus attack but move forward or back to cancel. Instead its just overriding the current move with another move really quickly

That is an FADC that you are talking about. That allows you to extend combos and do some other cool stuff but works a little differently.

He does a good job explaining how combos and cancelling works, he has a bunch of other video tutorials aswell that are very helpful.