How do you beat extended block strings

How do u know what button to press during a extended block string like if i block three buttons in a string then i decide to press a button what button should be press.

Like in terms of frame data how do u know what button to press

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doesn’t know what frame data is

If in doubt… none.

Yep, take a look at your frame data and take it to the lab. It’s not as straightforward as “how many things can I string in a row” - make sure your blockstrings finish as safe as they can be, in that they either leave you with the best frame advantage possible and/or with adequate space between you and the opponent so that they can’t punish with a button.
Note that most moves have a little push back on hit/block but some will actually pull you forward into the danger zone when whiffed, so keep an eye on your spacing too.

What’ll the next question be I wonder…

“Is pressing cr.MP after cr.LK a good idea?”

No, wait, I think he did ask that before…

If you are asking what to press after you have blocked the string from your opponent, your best best is your jab, its generally the fastest.

But you will need to know if you are safe or not, because if you try jab when you don’t have frame advantage they will beat you out. The only way you can learn this is by either reading up on all the frame data. Ask a friend who plays a character you are struggling against when they are safe or unsafe. Or go into the lab and set a dummy to do the string you are having a problem with and see what you can do after it.

Jabs of course aren’t always optimal if you are after heavy damage, but knowing how safe or unsafe your opponent is on block will tell you which slower but stronger moves you can use.

Depends on what their 3rd button is. Look up what the frame data is for that button. If it is an unsafe button use an attack that has less start up than the amount of advantage you have. If their attack leaves them at -5 on block then look for an attack you have Tha has less than 5 frames of start up. If they are plus on block don’t push anything.

Stop being a bully. If you don’t have a constructive answer then don’t answer. Why are you lurking in the Newbie section just to make fun of people? People post questions here because the want to learn and may not have a complete grasp of the terms and definitions of the language of the FGC. You didn’t know any of it either when you started.

Please refer to Mobbdeep’s posting history and ability to absorb, self-learn and listen to people before defending him.

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Actually I did quite a bit of research before ever hopping into my first match. The very first match I played with an actual player, I got mollywhopped by a Hibiki player in CvS2 at CTF, but I knew why. It’s not too difficult to understand most basic fighting game concepts, and this cat’s been posting the same kind of nonsense for years.