How do u tech throws consistently in SSF4?

Everytime I’m playing this game. I get into a block string and I get thrown. I mash lp and lk simultaniously while ducking and yet I still get thrown. Its been a problem for me for people pressuring me. I just can’t counter it. This is the one fighting game I’m mashing the hardest and I still can’t get the tech. Is it just hard to do? Its like free damage. I get pressured and throw and rinse and repeat.This is probably the reason I don’t like this game. What can I do to get out of this situation?

Don’t mash.

A good way to start is by tapping the crouch-tech in rhythm to the opponent’s blockstring. Remember you actually have a relatively long window to tech the throw (7 frames); mashing is not only unnecessary, it’s detrimental. If you’re mashing crouch tech, you can actually get thrown out of the startup of crouch lk. As you start fighting higher level players, you’ll also get blown up by frame traps. Don’t mash.

under no circumstance is it ever okay to mash. stop doing it, use your brain instead

I can tech-throw when standing quite a bit, I actually pride myself on it… but my crouching-tech OS (db+lk+lp) gets thrown pretty much all the time. I need to rig up the lab and work on that shit.

supposedly you time the crouch tech a split second after the rhythm of your opponents hits. ever since i read that, my teching became relatively consistent. just remember you can neutral jump, backdash, or blow up throws with a reversal (only advisable when you have meter to make it safe) - you don’t always have to attempt the throw tech.

This might be good for beginners but it’s not recommended against good players because they’ll stagger their pokes and use different strings so it’s easier to get counter-hit. The most reliable method is to react to their standing up animation. This also quite beatable though.

Here’s a Google Translated Japanese page that explains delayed crouch tech, how to beat it, a few option-selects out of crouch tech among other things. It has mpg video examples as well, which are very useful if you can’t follow the translated text: