How do u meaty attack during a combo

anybody know how to do this.

Are you confusing fighting game lingo here?
A meaty attack is an attack which hits the opponent on his first standing frame during wake-up, which means that he either has to reversal with a move that has invincible startup or has to block in order to not get hit.
You cannot combo someone lying on the ground so I’m not sure what you’re asking.

Do you mean after a combo?

Can also mean timing an attack to hit really late in the active frames to tighten up blockstrings or open up new combos.

nah do a meaty attack during the middle of a combo like akuma’s round house loop.

I’m not sure what you’re asking here, because a “meaty attack” isn’t usually done in combos, nor is it very relevant for combos in the first place. It’s sometimes useful for starting a combo, but it’s extremely rare for it to be useful mid-combo. I also have no idea what the roundhouse loop has anything to do with meaty attacks.

If you’re asking how to make a move hit later in its active frames during a combo, that’s character specific stuff.

yeah that is what im asking the bolded how do u hit somebody during it’s last active frames during a combo

It’s a weird thing with hitboxes and recovery animations if I remember correctly. You’re better off checking the character specific sub forms for this info. As stated earlier, these combos are going to be character/spacing specific and probably work on a select part of the cast.

That’s not a meaty.

Definition of from the SRK Glossary:

Meaty: An attack that hits an opponent as soon as they wake up to they are forced to block it in its later active frames. This is often an attack with high active frames such as SF4 M.Bison’s crouch short. When executed correctly, gives more frame advantage due to hitting later: there are less active frames to wait through.

You need first attack to cause opponents hurtbox to reelback and then you just “link” attack so that it’s latter active frames hit when opponent is recovering from hitstun. Visually explained, you could jab opponent which makes opponent to stagger backwards, where second jab’s first active misses but opponent’s recovery from stagger to stand straight hits into that second jab late.

who has reel back animations like this.

Look, as others have mentioned, a meaty is done in a situation where the opponent cannot be hit by the start up of an attack, but they get hit by it later in animation such as on wake up, out of a reset, out of a special move, etc.

You are talking about a very specific link, there is no general term for the variable timing of a link, it is always just uniformly called a link.
For Akuma’s roundhouse link, it’s character specific and timing dependent, so take it in to training mode and practice. If you a trying to hit on a specific frame you’ll need to try different timings.

Guys, mid-combo meaties are definitely possible in this game. There is no definitive guide on how to perform them. You need to find a setup that utilizes them. eg. Blanka far on a crouching Boxer.

then how do u do it then.

You can’t just do a mid combo meaty anytime you want. It’s all space dependent and character specific. Look up in the character specific thread for character specific mid combo meatys. Example: You cannot link E Ryu st.jab into sweep, but on Ibuki you can do mk axe kick >> st. jab> sweep due to spacing, reel back animation and position of her hurtbox when the st jab hits.

Here’s a recent example of it. Happens twice in the video.

This is a character specific combo, and probably only won’t work on anyone else. It’s not something worth focusing on, honestly.
And there’s no way to explain “this is how you do it”. It goes on a character to character basic. It’s pure a pure coincidence based on how the hitboxes and hurtboxes interact mid-combo.

you find a combo someone else has made or you try to find one on your own. You usually have a visual indicator on the attack being meaty as it’ll look a bit different in terms of animation and hitspark placement.