How do u get usf4 from the PlayStation store if I currently have no copy of sf4

Another poster don’t remember his or her name said I could buy a digital DL copy for 40 dollars but all I can find is AE for like 29 bucks if I get that can I then upgrade to ultimate ? Will I have to pay an upgrade fee on top of the cost to buy ae ?

I sure hope u can DL ae then upgrade because according to this article the full version isn’t available till august

Yes…you can buy AE digitally, then buy the Ultra digital upgrade.

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so OP probably figured it out by now, but if you buy AE now you still have to pay for all DLC costumes. If you wait till August you can buy the full game w/all DLC included for $40. if you waited this long and skipped AE then you might as well wait 1 more month