How do u do that?!?!

What I would like to know is how you people juggle an oponent with 2 chariot rushes in a row… c HP, chariot rush, chariot rush.

How can posibly have enough time to charge for the second chariot rush, I charge the back as soon as possible and try to hit at the last second yet I ALWAYS miss, I seriously don’t get it.

Can anyone pls be of help? :frowning:

against shotos u can get 2 mk tackles, or 1 mk then 1 lk. I’m not sure if this works on everyone?

it’s just insane timing and jap. elite style charging > charge db, f, db, THEN press the button.

damn even with the trick I still can’t get it, there has to be a kind of hidden way to decrease the charging way somehow…
Can anyone who can actualy do this plllllls tell me how… pass on the love for urien players =P

I once had a conversation with Thongboy about this and I’ve decided to reveal the true secret to doing multiple tackles in a row.

There is no secret. Just do it really fast. That’s all there is to it.

Sorry if you were hoping there’s a trick, but there are things in the game that simply require brute force, a quick wrist, practice, patience, good timing and precision. Using the charge back, toward, back+kick “trick” -can- help with doing two tackles in a row, but it doesn’t help at all once you get to the 3rd tackle and beyond. Personally, I never bother with any of that back, toward, back stuff. I just return the stick to back as quickly as possible after hitting the kick. TB suggested using a video camera to record my hands while performing such a combo. Maybe that’s what it’ll take.

If you’re having a hard time, you probably need to use a better stick. If you’re not using a stick, don’t bother.

i did three tackles in a row once with dpad. once only. aftre that magical moment, i needed bandaid for my thumb

Ehe ya now I am starting to realize it’s kinda hard, I managed to get 2 in a row ONCE lol, but I was wondering is there any restriction on who you can and who you can’t do 2 tackles in a row on? I heard it dosn’t work on shoto’s? can anyone clarify that up for me pls

Oh, it works on Shotos. That’s who I practice on. They are mid weight. So you hit it on them, you basically got it for everybody else. Shotos are easier too. You can do two MK tackles. Where some characters, you have to do MK, WK tackle. (WK comes out faster, and hits earlier)

Ok, not to be an ass. But just practice. Seriously. I used to think the BAS V-AKUMA combo was rediculous. It’s like putting on your shoes now. Sol Dust loop combos. I laugh at the ease of those things. They’re not even hard at all. Just like Uriens repeated tackles. You think it’s hard becuase you are new to it. When I first played him, I couldn’t do two to save my life. All I can say, is grab a 2liter of coke, a cushion for you ass, and sit there. Don’t move till you get it down. Tokido (incase you don’t know, most famous Urien player) wasn’t just popped out his momma with a agetec stick in his hand doing charge buffers. He had to practice just like us. I promise you. It’s just like working out. You get what you put in. Now I cant miss if I tried. :lol: Call me arrogant, but sometimes I find my self doing charge moves on reaction to situations becuase my hands have been trained to ALWAYS keep a charge handy. And I’m not some old school gamer. I’ve got into the scene when TTT came out. T4 was crap, so I found Street Fighter. And I didn’t even play 3rd Strike till November. Talking 6 months here. If I can do it, anybody can.

charge b, f, b+k. keep the motions as quick and tight as possible.


Jive Out!

besides practice, note that if you’re playing on the dreamcast, the timing is tighter for the 2 crush juggle.

when u guys talking about 2 tackles
are u guys talking about
when the shotos jumped

or when they are ground and we c.FP

when they are jumping i can manage to do
hard tackele ex tackle mid tackle light tackle

when they are on ground

i can’t do C.HP>m.tackle>m.tackle? ( i can do on chunli)

is that my problem? or it doens’t work~?

Ohh yes before I forget, is this actualy possible on the dreamcast, with a D pad cause thats what I am using and I wwas wondering is thats the reason I can’t get 2 in a row.
Besides that thanx for the help guys =)

I’m talking about grounded shoto. D.fp, mkT, mkT. It works in a very simple manner. You just need more practice.

Well I didn’t think it could get much easier. But you’re saying it’s even easier on the arcade? :wtf:

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i can hk tackle >ex takle> mktackle>mktackel easily when enemy is on air

but when on grond after L.FP
i can only do 2 tackle on chunli

HOW DO u DO ON SHOTOS! or makoto!

It’s really easy to do 2 Mk Tackles againts Chun-Li and Makoto after Crouching HP (I think all female chars are easy to juggle). If you’ve got enough juice, you can throw in a LK Tackle but it’s hard to follow up with anything else other than a Standing HP. I’ve tried it on Ken but only pulled it off once after maybe 10 tries… so I assume HK>MK>LK Tackles work on shotos.

The tackles I usually do againts people:

This one done usually after angled Metallic Sphere or when I get someone with a tackle (Opponent in air):

HK or MK Tackle, MK Tackle, EX Tackle, HK Tackle <follow up>

I seems to work on everyone except for Hugo, Twelve and Necro
who seem to bounce off the wall after the 3rd hit

BTW, does anyone have good stun value combos?
This combo has good stun value… In corner:

Crouching HP, EX Tackle, HK Tackle, EX Headbutt

  • i think you can do, hk tackle hk tackle, ex-tackle and mk tackle