How do replays work?

Where are they saved? Do they only save for online matches?

Replays save all online matches (ranked, casual and battle lounge) not sure about local versus.

To access replays you first must go to the profile of whoever, then add the replay to your list. Once it’s added to your favorite list you can watch the replay.

Matches are def server side, there is no cache made on my computer for the replays I have saved. I just save them, watch them from the server and record with msi after burner to save them locally.

So nothing local? That’s kinda lame, I had a pretty sweet local match just now.

I’m not sure, I would say check your CFN battle log (far right tab). I haven’t had any local matches so I don’t know.

Nothing. No local replay system.

Replays seemed to stop saving on the 20th. Anybody else notice this?

Replays are saving for me, you need to go into your fighter profile and select matches from the battle log, it’ll give you a popup and one of the options is Add To Favorite Replays or something; Not the greatest UI design