How do people afford to travel to EVO and other tournaments every year?

Yea isn’t a plane ticket like $800 one way or something? How would tournament travellers know where to go? Would they have to rent their own hotel? It really is a interesting subject because we never heard behind the scenes what the hundreds of players go through to get to EVO and get back home and stuff, or even how long they stay in the city the tourney takes place in and stuff like that. :wonder:

That includes who some western tourney players go to Japan and other places for official huge tournaments too! It’s such a mystery!

they have jobs…

Most people can book flights to any major city for around 150$ round trip if they find deals. Split hotel with 4-5 people and it ends up being like 20$ a night. And give yourself money for venue fee + some food and you’re golden. People who spend more money going out to clubs after hours etc obviously spend more. For most people a 400$ weekend every few months with a basic lifestyle really doesn’t hurt them that bad. Many people spend more money on stupid shit all the time.

Either being well off, rich parents or having a job is basically how.

Well, getting to Evo isn’t that hard. I’ve never been, but I’ve traveled and taken vacations. People do this by various means. For someone like me who isn’t apart of any gaming crew, I would make my flight reservations early and pay for the ticket, and book the hotel room months in advance. The rates are considerably lower if you book it months ahead of time.

 The other option is to get a crew of people and rent a van to go.   Everyone would chip in, and you would share hotel rooms.     This is obviously reliant on how far from Vegas you live though.   I know for Evo 2k9, NC took Greyhound (not recommended).   In either case, many people are there because several of people chip in on travel expenses, eating expenses, and they share hotel rooms.

The third option is through sponsorships.   Players from Empire Arcadia usually have their plane trip paid for them by Empire.   The same is true for other pro gamer organizations.   Which is why you see so many of the top players show up everywhere.

Overall getting there isn't too hard, but it requires some level of planning.

Not really … especially not if you book well in advance. You can fly most places in the US for a few hundred bucks.

The address of the venue is published … and are often at a hotel anyway, so many players just book a room there. And for major tournaments there’s usually signage. Or follow the people carrying arcade sticks. :wink:

It’s not really any different than taking a normal trip somewhere. Book the flight, book the hotel, and go play some vidya games.

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Employment is a hell of a thing…

Mommy’s Purse

Have a job/steady income…plan ahead…and save.

i think he thought since most of them are fighting game experts, they dont have jobs. but yeah, its either they save up to go or if they’re signed under somebody, the company will sometimes pay for them to go. for the people that have to pay, i bet its like 5 people in one hotel room lol.

play money matches without money to pay when you lose

get sponsored

for real people and not characters, get a job and save

You can sell your plasma; and your liver fully regenerates so you can give portions of it each year.


quite a mystery indeed

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they got a good career and dont have wifes that take all their money hehe

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with that money you can go to Mexico round trip in Christmas time

I save up money from working hard and stay with friends who help split the cost of the room. Plus living in the middle of the US helps,cheaper flights lol

Option 1: Work and save up money. Not only a good strategy for getting to Evo, but also for life.

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Option 3: Sell your blood.