How Do I wire an LED to Madcatz PS3 PCB

Hey Guys,

I apologise for the newb question, but Ive been reviewing the website for advice on adding LED’s to my Madcatz PS3 fightstick.

Whilst there is alot of information on adding led buttons, what i want to do is add 4 leds inside the case which will be vissible through my clear plexi panel.

I think im right in saying i need to wire the leds to the ground on the pcb, but am unsure where im soldering and what resistor i will need.

If anyone can point me in the right the direction, i would really appreciate it!

One leg of Resistor to Anode of LED.
Other leg of Resistor to +5V, the Red Wire of USB.
Cathode of LED to Ground, which is Black Wire of USB.

Do this for all four LED.
This will make the LED light up when the Arcade Stick is plugged into Console.

Use an LED Calculator to find the Resistor Ohm needed.

Thank you for the help JDM, but im still a little confused.

So… Can I have resistor… wire… anode. or does the resistor leg have to be soldered directly to the anode?

For the red and ground wire of the USB, I desolder them?

Then wrap a wire coming from the resistor leg around the red and resolder on?

Then a wire comming from the cathode wrap around the black wire and resolder on?

Also if If i want to add 4… can I make a chain of 4 leds with wire and a single resistor? or do I need a resistor for each Led?

If i cant make a chain, I do your steps above and have 4 wires coming from 4 resistor legs wrap them around the red USB wire and solder on?

I then have 4 wires coming from 4 led cathodes which I wrap around the black usb wire and solder on?

Once again any help would be great!

Can it be?



Can it be?



Can it be?



It is all same.

Do you desolder the VCC and Ground?
If you do, then how is your Arcade Stick going to work?
The USB Device needs to have current flowing to work. :sad:

The Power and Ground for the LED are tapped from VCC and Ground of USB.

When using one Resistor and four LED, that would be a Series.


But that will not work for your setup.

A USB Arcade Stick only works through +5V.

Let us say each of your LED has Forward Voltage of +3V.
To wire four of those LED in Series, you will need a source of at least +12V.
Because in a Series Circuit, the Current is the same through all the components.

Remember that the USB Device is only +5V.
The Series LED will require +12V.
How you will do that?

You cannot.
You will not be able to work your LED Series with a USB.
If you use an external source, say a battery pack or wall jack, you can power your LED.

I don’t think you would like to have a +12V battery pack or other just to light up your Arcade Stick.
You want the Arcade Stick to light up when you plug your Arcade Stick into the Console.

What you have to do is wire up the LED in Parallel.
Each LED requiring its own Resistor.

      :                     :
      :                     :
      :                     :

In a Parallel Circuit, the Voltage is the same through all the Components.

Thanks JDM that really really helped, my last question is how best to tap into the ground and power?

Do I strip the red and black wire? and then solder on to those bare wires?

or do i try solder from the back of the pcb where the red and black are already soldered?


Thank you guys! i think ive finally got it!

I really appreciate the help, its made this whole task less daunting.

Thanks again!

Hey Guys,

The finished result!!!

ArtHobbies laser etched plexi! Dark Hai Buttons.

Ended up adding a Dual Strike Pcb, for better pc compatibility (dam Nvidia Board) and easier access to the Gnd and 5V.

Thanks again guys! Im looking forward to my next mod now!

So you followed my directions?

Good job!!!

hey jdm and kuya my vs stick is coming in a day or so and i was going to attempt the led mod but it lights up on button activation could you direct me to the right direction too. i also feel like theres so much info i dont know where to start

I don’t know what you are saying.

lol sorry bout that… only thing i want to do is make my buttons light up wheni press them could u tell me where to look to find that info on the forums?

Oh, that is easy.

Hey Jdm,

Yes I bought a dual strike pcb, which has a seperate 5v and Ground solder point, which I use for the leds.

On a side note, is there anyway to power the leds on the original PS3 te Pcb? I like the effect the TE Kitty has, where the leds correspond to the buttons!

Any ideas how to power them Jdm?

Yes, I know how.


Just to let u know ur awesome

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