How do i use combos with ibuki(new question :))

Hey Guys,
I like playing Ibuki, and i am also able to perform all the combos in the trial. But i fail in implementing the combos into a normal game.
Because if i try a combo and it gets blocked i get terribly punished. And the jump-in combos are also not that nice to do cause it can also be punished by a single dragon punch almost every time.
I know that ibuki is a vortex character and (not often but sometimes) i can execute the vortex. And in this circumstance it is okay to perform the combos but only due to the fact that i am practicing this vortex almost like a combo since it is basically the same. But i can’t do anything else and my reset is not that relieable yet.
Well i hope you can give me some tips on that topic.

First, if you’re trying to do a combo and it gets blocked and punished, then you’re not hit confirming. Hhit confirming is when you perform a series of safe attacks that can either be stopped if your opponent blocks or you can continue the combo if they hit.

Really your issues stem from a lack of fundamentals. But since I’m on a phone I’ll let someone else explain.

Ignore jump in combos.
Jumping in is stupid as fuck and easily punishable unless you’re mixing it up on a knockdown or have your opponent already conditioned into thinking you won’t jump.

Set your training dummy to random block, then try to get in standing/crouching light punches/light kicks, when one connects try to combo into it.
Practice that stuff often.

I’m new to the game myself playing Ken and usually fail links in practice but in real games I’m usually getting links done off of light attacks and combo them into crouching medium kick into hadoken or into shoryukens for knockdowns.

This is exactly right. You can’t just jump in and attempt combos. You have to use her offense to outwit your opponent. Lots of that involves waiting for an opportunity to land a knockdown. You can use her,, and her, buffered into her spin kicks, to poke into a knockdown. Her slide can combo into s.lp, and then into, at certain ranges, also leading to a knockdown. Once you knock them down, you can use her kunai left/right mixup as well as her high/low game to break open your opponent’s ability to block.

Learn to use all her tools, not just some of them.

Try playing her on the ground and only jumping in at the right times, like when a fireball is thrown, when in position for a crossup, when opponent is almost landing from his jump you can go for a jump yourself, when opponent is focusing you can jump and on knockdown for example. Still a jumpin has to be earned.

A few good ground tools to atleast keep the opponent in check are and, try the at max range otherwise you’ll get punished. Her overhead is positive on block and can go over low attacks and moves her somewhat forward, you can also combo after it. try using sweep from max range to get a knockdown. is probably one of her best pokes but still not that great because it is slow. Buffer it in her qcb+mk or hcf+p.
St.lp is amazing and should be used whenever the chance arises. Plus on block, fast, easily hitconfirmable.
Obviousely you don’t want people jumping in so use her and ex dragonpunch…from ofcourse the right ranges.

Overall i think you need to learn how to hitconfirm, if it gets blocked, stop pressing buttons and bait their reversals. You’ll need to be able to see after two hits if you are getting blocked. If you are unsure if you can get the link and still want to cancel into a special use her qcb+mk and NOT doing after it as a reversal can go through it.
I don’t play Ibuki a whole lot but these are hitconfirms i used:
-cr.lp, cr.lp chain and true blockstring
-cr.lp, far st.lp chain and true blockstring
-st.lp, far st.lp chain and true blockstring

-cr.lp, xx…
-st.lp, xx…
These last two i don’t cancel or go into qcb+mk if i see the first hit is getting blocked. These can be reversaled.
Her target combos also cannot be reversaled, though on block cl.lp>mp>hp, the mp will whiff on block on some characters.
Just use>mk xx qcb+mk, has more range also than her other target combo.

Like suggested go into training mode and put CPU on random block and see how well you can hitconfirm, continue combo when hitting. If you get blocked stop the combo, do a throw or frametrap, backdash whatever. hope it helps and otherwise go into the Ibuki forums for advice.

Lol i totally forgot about this post… sorry, but thanks for the help. It is helping me quite alot. But my mindset in fights is so different from trainingmode. It is like i black out and start?doing random stuff again… Do you guys have any tipps on that.(fyi i left sf4 for a while due to rl stuff but now it is quite fun again and i play it alot. If you would be able to spend some time analyzing my play, i uploaded some games on youtube and i will upload more to track my progress, i would really appreciate it)