How Do I switch my ball top?

Hey guys, Im gonna be switching out the ball top of my HRAP3 but I dont know how to remove it :stuck_out_tongue: can someone tell me how?

Also my laminated plastic is starting to peel off, is there a way I can safely remove that or is it suggested that I leave it on?

Open the case. On the bottom of the joystick shaft is a slot for a flat head screwdriver. Place screwdriver in it, and twist the ball off. Reverse order when you put a new one on.

Take the laminate off. Its just a protective film. Kinda like what they put on watches etc.

Is the laminate easy to remove?

I’m pretty sure you can just “slowly remove” it right off, its just a sort of “cover”.

How NOT to do it :lol:

Cut it up to small little sections which in turn cuts up whatever is on the top of the HRAP? :sweat: