How do I spend my EX?

I’ve recently picked up Cody and he’s a ton of fun but I’m not really sure how to spend my super bar. Sure sometimes I’ll throw an ex bad stone for a chip kill and some random ex ruffians to catch my opponent walking forward but other than that I usually find myself with full super. I’m at 800-1300 PP and most of my wins are just basic bnb’s and simple punishes like c.hp xx CU or > xx CU if I need to close a bit of distance.

the extra damage from ex CU just doesn’t feel like it warrants the waste of a bar so I usually wont end a bnb with it especially if I used an extra hit confirm because of the damage scaling. I’m currently practicing hk ruffian FADC > ex CU but at the cost of 3 bars is it really worth it? I’m sure its great to close out a game when the extra damage is needed but are there bad times to do such a costly combo?

Looking forward to hearing some answers and also this question doesn’t really warrant its own thread, I demand a Cody Q&A thread :slight_smile:

Save it for fadcs, ex zonk, and ex ruffian. Ex criminal upper is good for juggling extra damage, but is not worth the meter on standard combos. In fact, sometimes ex cu will do less damage than hp cu combos because not all the ex cu hits will always connect. And there is a Cody Q&A thread.

Ex Rocks is great too obviously, especially when sitting on U2

P.S. Anti-Air HK ruffian FADC f HK xx ex criminal upper is worth every inch of that bar. So is ex bingo fadc to f HK xx ex criminal upper on wake up. The dmg and stun are great

Cody Q&A thread… was like one or two below you…

the meter usage depends on the matchup, whether you need ex zonk, ex ruffian. further you need to factor in the current values of life and meter for both characters etc

comboing into hk ruffian FADC is generally not worth it, out of a c.lp hit confirm, unless you go for a reset into mixup or you are close to stunning the opponent. after a plain hk ruffian anti air it or c.hp or something it’s okay to combo into, ex ruffian, u1 or zonk etc
ex zonk FADC is crucial to make it safe. that’s always good meter. if you somewhow miss the combo, it’s also advisable to make your hp cu safe by FADCing it.

the best use for meter is actually ex rocks from close range. mind you, that’s only reliable after a focus attack or stun.
ex rocks off a cl./c.hp to fish for a counter hit is also something you can do somethimes.

Thanks for the info, sorry I didn’t see the thread I just assumed it would have been a sticky like in most of the other character forums.