How do I send people fight request in this game?

I can’t for the life of me figure this out.

First you must add a player to your favourites in CFN. You can use the search option and enter their CFN name or gamertag. Next you need to create a lobby in Battle Lounge with a private slot. Once the lobby has been created you can send an invite to a player listed in your favourites. On the PS4 you press triangle to being up a menu which has an invitr option on it.

This took me like 20 minutes to figure out when I set up my first lobby after release. Having come from an 360, the methodology for doing simple things on a PS4 is very complicated.

Do you have to be added to CFN? My friends keep sending me fight requests but nothing pops up in my message log and I’m getting a bit agitated.

Japanese UIs are famously unintuitive.

It’s the game, not the console. And I think it is set up like this because of cross-platform play.

I struggled with this too, I also can’t see people I’ve played in ‘players met’ so adding them as a friend is harder than I’d have though (unless I’m missing the obvious).

Triangle after the match, or look at the player ID in the replay.

Triangle after match doesn’t appear to give you an option to add them to your friends list. You can add to favourites but that isn’t the same.

There is no option to add to friends list, but if you add them to favourites you can then send an invite from a lobby.

Many thanks. Wargame.