How do I properly crimp 110 and 187 disconnects?

Uh, im a bit embarassed to say, but ive just been “squishing” the plastic at the bottom then adding electrical tape after… since the ware still seems loose and wants to come out. Anyway, can someone, step by step, please tell me what I need (tools, specifically), and how I go about it properly? So far all I have is wirestrippers that have a flat, slightly rigid part at the end you could use to pinch and squish things with, I’d post a screenshot but my camera broke :frowning:

Check the tech talk forums, you would probably get a better answer faster if you posted this there.

Use something like this:

Or this:

Both available at Home depot. Doesn’t matter what brand. Strip the shielding, stick the wire in, then crimp.

You can use a knife and hammer if you’re on a budget. =)


Make sure you strip enough wire, and don’t just leave it like the J-shape I drew; push both parallel lengths together so they’re kind of like one extra-thick wire. Use a pair of pliers for the actual crimping part.

good diagram… crimps aren’t too hard to work with.

Thanks Ves and Dead, both answers really helped!