How do I play SSFAE after Ultra upgrade?

I recently upgraded my digital version of SSFIV AE to Ultra, little did I know that for some odd reason everyone in Ultra seems to be ridiculously better than the people I encountered on AE and its come to the point where I am no longer having fun playing the game because I simply don’t stand a chance against most people (and I’m a B rank with Chun btw). Even the 100pp with 50bp players are usually highly skilled “transfers” from AE. So I went to the menu to switch versions (not saying I’m not gonna play Ultra in the future, I’m just not ready currently) and lo and behold there is no version switch select. Awesome. Is there any way to enable or somehow reacquire AE by any means, or is it a “permanent upgrade update” type deal?

Just delete the Ultra update from your hard drive and when you do feel ready, just redownload the update.

… well that slipped my mind -_- … anyways thanks!

i have AE installed in a separate folder and last time i checked, online is dead

and there’s nothing wrong with fighting against players that are better than you. Getting your mistakes and gimmicks punished hard will encourage you to watch your replays and learn from your mistakes and not rely on gimmicks

If you play on Xbox:
On Xbox i have transferred the USFIV upgrade onto USB. So if i want to play AE with a few people who got AE for free then i remove USB from console. If i want to play USFIV i just plug it in.

If i’d do this, would I be able to play with a friend who hasn’t upgraded to ultra?

Yes that will work

I’ve been AE a pinch more than ultra lately
Online is dead for the most part but there’s still a few good people who still play