How do I perform the Un/Fly glitch?


I’m trying :qcb:+:s:+:l: or :qcb:+:s:+:h: but no luck

Do I plink from S to L/H?

You do :qcb: + :s:+:h: or whatever when you’re already in flight. That’s how you get the immediate action. It can be hard at first but once you learn the proper timing it’s easier? At first I kept getting rocket punches, but now I kinda got it. That said I still don’t really use it much :/. I think it’s pretty great especially when you’re in flight during neutral, but I’m still trying to find a way to work it into my overall gameplan.

how about when i just starting to fly?

i’m getting some success in the unfly+:h:

have you tried tk flight in conjunction with it to do instant unfly jl?
it’s useful with doom

sick idea man. I’ll give that a shot. Though, I have my doubts with j.L as an iOH

Yeah, I experimented with all of it. It’s not entirely too useful since Nova already has a godlike j.L instant overhead. fly glitch j.H is possibly better and when you TK flight, he’s even closer to the ground. Still, there’s a lot to experiment when using it neutral that I’ve yet to really implement into my gameplan. Like Nova has a ton of fuzzy guard setups after the j.L, but is there a point for going them? You do something like j.L, immediately rejump j.L, j.H, fly, j.L, j.H, unflyglitch, j.H on big characters possibly.

Yeah ever since the glitch was put out there I been telling people mess with it with the TK flight in the other thread

so this only works when you unfly is it?
damn, all my hopes

I still think the application of it is self-made nova pressure/hit confirms. If they don’t pushguard you can easily go from a low to a high that’s a blockstring/frame trap, and in the corner even if they do pushguard you if you time it properly you can still be in air L/H range. Not only that, but you can do something like blocked slide >> fly >> H >> slight pause >> unfly + H and it’ll let you combo two air Hs into each other for a fantastic damage optimization and a braindead hitconfirm. If they block it cool, you’re +17 or so in their face. They pushguard? Dash back in and keep the pressure going, or call an assist.

sounds good
I guess I’ll use that then

I was trying that in training mode the other day and I couldn’t get two j.H’s to combo into each other. That alone would make that part of the new bnb and you’d do that anytime after an airdash j.H. I couldn’t unfortunately get them to link. Maybe on counterhit?

They only link if you hit the H while you’re already in flight. (just incase you’re trying to do H fly unfly+H)

Ah yeah of course, but I thought it was when you hit with a raw j.H. To be in the position where you’re in flight right about the opponent is pretty rare I’d say.

That’s why I stand by this glitch being best served for non-assist initiated pressure to be maintained/easily hit confirmed via unfly. In situations where Nova is at a gross advantage (+15 or more let’s say) you’d definitely be better off going for ADD Ls; more options, faster, more options, etc. But pretty much the only way Nova will initiate that solo is with J H that isn’t pushblocked, or a grav H pulse that you already put out. ADD Ls are usually reserved for when an assist puts them in blockstun (look at Moons for example; he pretty much only uses the hi low when his assist is blocked). But with something like this you could put them in blockstun with just about any grounded normal, flight cancel, and still maintain pressure. Since you’re cancelling the recovery of a normal, you can easily make it a frame trap or blockstring and still have a hi/low.

You usually can instant overhead safely after AD j.H’s assistless. If they’re in range or you’re anticipating something you can punish with it, you can also instant overhead. Something like Wesker doing cr.L’s or command grabs can be punished with Nova’s instant overhead. No assist. Combating advancing guard with a ground dash to an instantoverhead/grab is pretty great. No need for an assist. It can be hard to mixup opponents assistless because that’s just the way Nova was designed. It’s just general neutral game knowledge. Nova needs to be in pointblank range to instant overhead you. Which is why it’s difficult.

As far as the grounded normal to flight, I just don’t see that being a better option than what Nova already has. You’re just asking to get airthrown. You block a cr.M, they pushblock, you activate flight far away from the opponent with no real purpose. Flight was already being used day 1 as a way to sneak in extra overheads. Something like flight, j.L, j.H, deactivate flight, j.L right before you land for a sneaky overhead. It’s pretty much the same thing. So if you’re going to playing Nova optimally, which is on point, I don’t see how you’d use this option instead of Cent Rushes. Which combat advancing guard better and give you additional mixups. Sure the glitch is great for combos+infinites, but I don’t see anything as of yet that makes it better than the options we already have in neutral. IMO.

What is this ‘glitch’?

If you slide xx flight air L or H on a good brunt of the cast they’ll duck it while crouching. Furthermore, before this glitch if you unflew you could only come down with an L or M 'cause the H had too much startup. Whereas doing slide xx fly xx unfly + L is a blockstring or frame trap depending on when you cancel the slide (usually being tight enough that if they try to throw you they’ll get stuffed in jump frames), and always a frame trap on Hs, and you’re falling with the normal so you’ll hit anybody with it. If they pushguard sure, use a Centurion Rush. But I don’t see much of a better option off a non-pushguarded blocked M or H.


unfly hk is pretty useful as a mixup, and if you are actually hitting, it still combos. Also does some nice damage.

For Example:

Oh, so the P.O.S. whatever thing that makes it so I always accidently do Darkness Illusion?