How do I perform a Jump Cancelled move in umvc3?

Hey srk, I’m trying to learn some basic Spencer bnbs. I’ve been watching videos and trying my best to perform the combos in the Spencer subforum, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how the hell to perform a jump cancelled (or jump cancel cancel? not sure which term is right) H wire grapple after my S. According to the forum, the motion is the exact same as a TK’d wire grapple but the button press is sooner. I can do TK’d H wire grapples just fine, but when I hit my launcher and then mash :qcf::uf::h:, the grapple comes out too slowly to catch them. I’ve tried looking up JCC tutorials, but to no avail.

Can someone please break down what I might be doing wrong, and go in depth into the timing/button presses needed to perform a jump cancelled H wire grapple after :s:? Break it down in retard terms if you can (I’m pretty much a noob). Thanks!

Thanks for bringing this up…I actually have the same problem.

I play Dante, not Spencer, but jump cancelling is very straight forwards and Dante does it in every BnB. All you do is a tiger knee motion at the right time. You have to time the move as soon as you can jump if speed is an issue. Sometimes you actually need to delay the input for them to be at the right height. But anyway it SHOULD just be a timing thing if you get the input right.