How do I make my joystick tighter?

Its loose when i move it around either from general overuse or as a result of recent modification. Is there any way to make it tighter?

Add a tighter spring. home depot sells a set of springs that include a few that will work.

Like bluesman said add a tighter spring. If its a sanwa JLF and you find it too loose you could swap it with a seimitsu LS-55 spring. I use this combo in both my sticks and love it. It’s tight enough to feel very solid, but still takes next to no effort to perform motions on the stick. Lizard lick carries a variety of springs, or you could try what bluesman suggested but i don’t know how that will turn out since those springs wont be made with the tension of a joystick in mind.

a new spring & you’ll be squared away!

You can also combine the Sanwa’s spring with an LS-32 like what was done on the Akishop’s ultimate mod video.

Edit: just found [media=youtube]L67fUfH3S5o[/media]

Buying springs from lizard lick, thx guise.

perinoplasty bitches…

If it’s not tighter than you want and you have the Seimitsu spring, just combine it with the existing Sanwa spring. [media=youtube]QytcbzZmXaI[/media]