How Do I Learn Laura in S2 (no previous Laura exp)

I barely touched on Laura in Season 1. Now with Season 2 here I figured she was worth another go. Since I’m effectively new to the character, does anyone have any recommendations for where to learn Laura as a beginner, starting fresh in Season 2? I’m pretty new to SFV online/vs-play in general and played casually in SF4.

Is Laura Beginners Thread still the one-stop-shop? Should I just try to make sense of S2 Laura: Now with 50/50 more grappling fun instead/also?

Thanks for anyone’s help.

There are already two other threads of beginners asking stuff about Laura, you might wanna check them first.
Next stop is probably the combo/tech thread.

Found them, thanks for the tip! Sorry for opening an extra thread.

Just mash… xx ex. thunder clap is a good frame trap