How do I land Withering Force

Ok I use Vice in K groove, (my other charries like that groove) . I play against a lot of people who use shoto’s and just own my attempts to do withering force. c FP or a shoryuken devistate every attempt at the super. I tried doing them while they throw out fireballs but i almost have to activate the super before they throw out the hadoken. helppssszzzsss

This is the one where she flies forward in an arch then grabs the guy? TBH i dont find much use in this super, the only time it got me is when i jump in and then my friend uses it so that my attack will hit her invincibility frames, and will push me back while she is flying so she grabbed me. It made me go WTF but thats the only time i seen it happen on me. Or maybe its just me being sucky, but thats my experience.

This super is so bad. Youd have to throw it out very randomly and hope it hits. Just use the HCBx2 super.

Aww thats so lame. useless supers wtf.

I love that super, but yeah, it’s very useless, the situations to use it are so few and far in between

but that’s why I love it

though, that using it as an anti-air idea sounds very interesting, and I’m very tempted to come temporarily out of retirement to try it =P

if you’re gonna do it randomly, corner them first and cancel into it from a ground normal up close, it’ll be a little harder to anti air

and pray, very very hard, if you get hit you didn’t pray hard enough and I take no responsibility =P