How do I input Lightning Legs in SSF4 with Chun Li?(On a stick)

I could use some help in this field, I am not sure what I am doing wrong(too slow, wrong motion?). Could someone link me to a video showing the “correct” or most efficient way of doing this move?

Mash on kick. How hard can it be?

Hyakuretsukyaku requires five inputs of a kick button. To start out, just press :lk: five times as fast as you can.

lk mk hk lk mk+hk

Best is to get a rhythm going and count 1 to 5, starting a bit slowly with then speeding up a bit (but still maintainint the rhyhtm). Helps with the BnBs (e.g. crouching shorts to EX Legs: :d::lk:, :d::lk:, :d::lk:+:mk:, :d::lk:+:mk:, :d::lk:+:mk:).

Haha, when I do short short EX Legs, I usually just tap :lk: four times, then :lk:+:mk:. Works every time.

Are these methods better than pianoing and sliding? Or is it all really a matter of preference?

I piano when doing clst. HK to EX Legs. HK~MK~LK~LK+MK~LK+MK.

and cr.HP to EX Legs. Cr.HP,HK~MK~LK~LK+MK~LK+MK. This is done a lot faster then the above.

It’s just 5 inputs for kicks. The only thing you can do is just keep practicing.

Get a glove

what for?

Which LL combo are we talking about here? Chun has several.

2x cr.LK into EX Legs is pretty brainless and can be done by chaining 2 LKs and then mashing 2 or 3 kick buttons simultaneously, but a cleaner method without mashing that I use is this:
:lk:, :mk:, :lk:, :mk:, :lk:+:mk:
Also, this method is useful because it is a sweep OS for back dashes after the first cr.LK:
:lk:, :hk:~:mk:~:lk:, :lk:+:mk:

Whether piano or slide is better is really up to you. And as long as you follow the criteria of 5 kick inputs with the last kick input being the strength of LL that you want to do, you can even come up with your own piano and slides.

Piano techniques can take a while to learn if you don’t already have good finger dexterity. Some are pretty straightforward like close st.HK xx EX legs:
:hk:~:mk:~:lk:, :hk:~:mk:+:lk:

Other piano techniques, like for cr.HP xx HK Legs -> MK Legs, can get very tricky. I myself can do it like this:
:hp:+:mk:~:lk:, :lk:~:mk:~:hk:, :mk:x4

Slide techniques are a lot easier to learn at first but aren’t as consistent since your fingers can slip and accidentally press other buttons. Sliding also tends to leave your fingers sore after a while until you develop calluses.

However, sliding can be done without any pain and friction over the buttons if you wear a glove, like a billiards glove, or anything that covers your fingers.

I came to the conclusion that using a glove and sliding the more difficult LL combos was what was best for me, and I can slide cr.HP xx HK Legs -> MK legs almost effortlessly:
:hp:~:hk:~:mk:~:lp:~:mk:~:hk:, :mk:x4

Try this:

If that’s too hard you could also try this [media=youtube]CuGyzVfRUdk[/media]

The glove makes sliding your fingers easier, especially doing the C.hp> legs

piano 'em.