How do I go in as Jago?

Just as the title says, I’ve been having trouble getting in as Jago. What are some good/safe options?

Against what? It’s tough to give advice without more specifics.

Jago has a wide variety of tools, and is even a capable zoner in his own right. Sometimes, its you who should be staying out.

Also, keep in mind, andy advice is only 2 days old at this point.

Your options for “gettin’ in dur” are mostly your towards HK as it’s your only normal that moves you forwards, and well timed jump-ins. If you want to see someone playing Jago at a fairly competent level for how long this game has been out, you can watch this set between CD JR and FilthieRich where CD plays nothing but his Jago throughout the entirety of the matches they play [details=Spoiler][/details]

Use light wind kick as a tool to get in, it can go through fireballs and it’s safe on block if I remember correctly.

It’s also immune to crouch attacks iirc. You can always wind kick behind your own fireball for some super cover. I don’t know how effective it is but I’ve seen it done, and if spaced right you can kick em on your way in if they jump the fireball depending on what you may trade with. Just an idea.

Otherwise yea don’t be afraid to zone. With a fireball and uppercut, a zoning Jago with a life lead might force some mistakes from the opponent.

Anyone have a list of his manuals?