How do I go from Normal to Hard Survival?

There seems to be a massive skill gap… I have no clue how people defeat CPU’s at that level. It seems like another world to me.

I’ve gotten to the point where I can defeat Normal pretty easily. I’ve done every trial in the game and for my mains I can do the combos off by heart.

So what steps do I take to be able to do 50 stages of even worse AI? I feel like I’m stuck and have no way to improve. The highest stage I’ve gotten to is 15… I know it’s embarrassing.

I tried loading up level 8 Laura in training and I couldn’t even do a move without her punishing me into a stun. Someone told me that the CPU is max in Hard.

Also, do you agree that there is a skill gap or is Hard and Hell just broken as hell and pretty much comes down to luck? Is it even worth bothering with?

you dont
you just spend money for the colors

check out this thread in the sfv discussion section

I think luck is incorporated to some extent. I’ve seen video’s of people whiffing DP’s on level 40+ and not getting punished yet I’ve whiffed a DP with Cammy and taken a 50% punish with a bloody V trigger into CA combo at about level 32 haha.

It’s a mess. Your time is better spent playing people and getting better at the game.

Thanks for all the feedback.

Can you actually buy the colors? Didn’t know you could.

I don’t know if I’m good enough to play online yet but could give it a go. Try out some casual.

You can only use fight money at the moment to buy the extra 11-15 colors for the default outfit. All other colors must be earned through survival mode for now. If you wait a month though the September patch will allow all the colors to be purchasable with fight money or real money. Not to mention the September patch is coming with new features that will help you get fight money faster like targets and double FM days.

If you want to try to beat hard survival you just have to find some exploit that works against most of the CPU. Like most of the CPU opponents in hard survival can’t block ambiguous cross ups.

You can do the same thing with Chun’s V Skill and other cross ups. SOME characters like level 30 Vega and level 41 Laura are good at anti airing and reacting to the jump ins/cross ups, but you just have to learn how to play a ground game vs them and keep your health up.

The easiest way to beat hard survival is just play a character with a meterless invincible DP (Ryu/Ken’s MP DP, any of Cammy’s DPs, Necalli) as the CPU for some reason almost never punishes or even blocks the dps.

I’ve heard a lot about cross ups working. My main issue is Cammy, stage 11. Yeah, I suck.

I saw this video of a guy beating hard survival but the cpu is basically level 4… they never bother to anti air him or anything. I swear it just shuts off randomly. Like I have a video of me beating Normal Bison and he doesn’t do anything but crouch. When he fights Cammy she doesn’t do anything either.

Are Capcom releasing the colors for buy soon?

Yeah they’re releasing the colors for purchase soon. My last post explained it.

What character are you using? Oh and yeah sometimes you just have to get lucky vs the characters that anti air often

Ah, sorry man I didn’t see.

I hope they release Easy Normal and Hard colors separately. If not then I’m paying extra for 4 colors I’ve already unlocked. Only want the hard colors.

I’m using Juri.

Any exploits you know of for that character?

Got to stage 24 today but only the once. :confused:

She has a decent jump so I would try for the j.MK cross ups or whatever. Don’t play her enough to know past that. I’ll most likely just default to posting a youtube video and seeing what I can find.

Will give it a go.

The main combo I see is jHK HP to H pinwheel. It’s good but can’t get a brain dead cpu like he gets. I get anti aired into v-trigger combo on stage 11. Like the Necalli in your video is the Necalli I get at 19. xD

Like this to me is a lucky attempt. This is the easiest match I’ve had against her so far. Is she this bad with anyone else? It’s ridiculous.

It’s not her. It’s you. You’re:

  • blocking badly
  • mistiming jump ins
  • not finishing combos
  • backing off when she’s almost dizzy
  • spamming unsafe normals, e.g. sweep
  • using specials for no discernible reason

She isn’t getting lucky. You need to work on a lot of basics.

I was on a massive tilt. Still, you’re completely right.

I really hate how sometimes the cpu goes crazy out of nowhere. I got to 31 today but Rashid just corner trapped me and spammed non stop.

I’m not sure what to practice in order to improve to be honest.