How do I fix my dreamcast controller port?

I have 2 dreamcasts, the ports went out. I got 2 friends that both said to twist the resistor wires together, but I don’t know which one the risistor is. Here are pics of the different things on the port.

The one blue piece looks like a quarter with a blue rim labeled BT1, then there is the tape. Then there are two battery looking small pieces. One is blue that looks like it has two wires coming from the bottom of the board into the blue piece. The piece has 16V on the piece and is labeled CE1. The other is a tan colored with a brown, blue and orange stripe on it. It looks like one wire comes up from the board and hooks into the top of the piece.

The last piece is in the middle and looks like the brown piece that has a wire from the board that loops up and into the top of the piece and labeled F1.

Any help is appreciated.

Retake a pic of F1. Very fuzzy. I believe that’s the one though.

Call me right now.

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R usually stands for resistor on a circuit board

coulda googled searcged and looked at what a resistor would look like. But based on the pics, R1 looks like it.

i dunno if this would solve your problem though

It’s F1. It’s not a resistor, its a fuse that happens to looks like a resistor.

I twisted the legs of F1 together, and PRESTO! Working controller ports. Thanks all.