How do i counter constant cross-up pressure from the opponent?

it seems that whenever i get knocked down the other guy constantly crosses me up. I tried to counter it with b.MP and cr.HP but they never hit. any help?

A severely under rated tool called ‘block’ :wink:

If you get get knocked down, your opponent is rewarded with the ability to pressure you. If EX Kazegiri doesn’t work, you have to block.

you can use command dash to get out of jump-in crossups.
dunno if my opponents just suck but it works for me everytime

I wouldn’t say they suck, but they’re timing it wrong. Jump-ins should be meaty, and Command Dashing gives no invincibility.

ye,thats what i meant. online scrubbies are doing it wrong.

Indeed, less experienced players are being constantly dumbfounded whenever we use it like that. They’re like “Wh-wha…wait, where is that…oh!” Loving that dash <3

Yeah but that’s a problem cause when you’re fighting someone that isn’t terrible and you’re relying up and down on that command dash, you’re in trouble ;p

That’s what first rounds are for! ;D

On wakeup you just have to deal with it. If they’re getting jump happy and just doing safe blockstrings and jumping over you multiple times, then you can put a stop to it with You can do two sc.HKs into a kazegiri just for somebody trying to jump over you, which is amazing. It really makes people think twice about jumping around like an idiot. I’m pretty sure its also the most satisfying move in the game to hit people with, for some reason, haha.

sorry for the noob question but what does “sc” stand for?

standing close

its “close standing” and shortcut is cs, not sc.
thats why he got confused :slight_smile:

Jumpback fierce