How do I change the button position on my razer atrox 360?

Is there any tutorial about how to change the button positioning on the stick?

I want to change the buttons positions like how it looks on other sticks. The standard layout is really strange on the 360 version.

I am asking since I dont want to try and break something.

The process is so simple you don’t really need a guide.

You open the stick, take note of what wires goes to what buttons. I not sure if the wires are color coded or not with production versions of the Atrox.
If not find something to label them.

You pop off the quick disconnects of the buttons you want to move, pop off the buttons. Move the buttons to the locations you want, insert wires to your buttons new home.

Each button should have two tabs keeping the button in place, pushing in the tabs will allow you to remove the button.
Don’t push those tabs too deep so you do not break them. Some people do 1 tab at a time.

Oki I see. With “quick disconnects” do you mean wires?