How do I beat someone who plays gay?

so ive been playing alot of online rank matches lately and i played this guy named tronzilla123 he was by far the gayest player i have ever met all he did was jump around with jump spin move and use his akuma partner i looked him up on youtube and found this


so my question is how do i beat someone who plays so gay?

Holy shit @ topic title :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Stay homophobic, SRK

Edit to not get banned from calling scrubs out: Think about his play style, watch his patterns and adapt.

Do you realize what you say, when you say “That’s so gay?”

I had to…

analyze his play style/block & punish.

my general theory of street fighter…

if someone plays gay, you have to be sick to beat them

if someone plays sick, you have to play jungle to beat them

if someone plays jungle, you have to play gay to beat them

What is playing Mexican style?


I DONT GET IT… to the op the best thing you can do is adapt and play 10x lamer lol. also choose your words wisely around here you might get banned.

One can only hope.

Adapt. Overcome. Own face. Then you will defeat all obstacles.

Settle down Beavis.