How do I avoid Vega's super and safe jumping

I was wondering how I avoid Vega’s (claw’s) super as Ken since I always seem to get hit by it regardless of what i’m doing. Srk doesn’t work, jumping forward/back, dashing forward/back and crouching all seem to fail so I can’t think of any options left.

Also, how do I safe jump in on Dee Jay, Makoto, and Cammy. So let’s say I get an un-techable knockdown and I want to apply more pressure by crossing up or something of the nature. The problem is that I always get hit by their AA special. Dee Jay’s AA move always seems to autocorrect, Makoto is just a fist going straight up so it seems to cover everything and Cammy also seems to always autocorrect.

If anyone has any answers to these it would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Edit: Also, how do I avoid Guy’s bunshin flip thing (does ex make a difference)?

I too hate the Vega super but I think that you have to dash at just the perfect time. The Vega player is taking a risk, going for the super so Capcom made it so that it is easy to hit. But I believe that you can dash under it at just the right time. Or you could could try and, say jump fierce it really fast/ Because the Vega player is trying to hit you on the ground but if you immediately attack him in the air, then he might not expect it and it will knock him right out of it. I don’t know exactly but I think those might work.

For Safe jumping:

DeeJay: My advice…DON’T JUMP!! DeeJay’s upkicks is probably one of the best antiair specials in the whole game. It is MEANT to autocorrect. So if you see him charging downback or on wakeup, DON’T JUMP!!! You will rarely actually succeed. In fact, DeeJay doesn’t have a very good wakeup game if you don’t jump.

Makoto: Try and hit her with the toe of your kick (I assume you play Ken?) from your roundhouse. This should stuff her uppunch on wakeup because her hitbox isn’t THAT improved. However, your reward is pretty much a sweep or (if you space it right) a c.forward hurricane kick combo. Try and not cross her up as that is primarily what the uppunch is meant to stop. So if you do want to jump in on wakeup, try hitting her with your toe. Don’t try and do it on a footsie game as her c.roundhouse(?) is a pretty good AA from afar.

Cammy: Cammy has one of the best AAs in the game. It is just like Ryu’s strong uppercut. You should safejump it just as you would safejump any shoto’s uppercuts. Nothing too complicated, BUT I do thing the Cannon spike autocorrects more often than an uppercut but there is nothing you can do about that.

As for Guys flip grab, your best bet is to either forward dash out of it (WARNING: If he elbow’s it will hit you) or try and do a deep uppercut. The uppercut should beat the flip or land on the other side so it is best to just do the jab version of the uppercut but he can still hit you if he elbows intead. DO NOT jump or uppercut early as he will grab you clean.

Hope this was helpful!

Her uppercut is nothing like Ryu’s. She has a 5 frame DP while Ryu’s is 3f. Impossible to safe jump against Ryu unless you have a jumping move that makes him whiff DP and he doesn’t autocorrect.

Go into training mode set the CPU as DeeJay and select Cammy as your character. Record DeeJay to knockdown Cammy and do a safe jump setup. When you playback, just mash wakeup DP against Deejay to see if your safe jump worked.

Safe jumping isn’t necessarily about crossing them up and making their reversal whiff. That’s how you safe jump 3f reversals. The ones you listed are all slow reversals and can be safe jumped just by timing your jump in correctly. Timed right, you’ll be able to hit them, but you’ll be able to block their reversal.

This is kind of difficult with Ken, as he hasn’t got any easy safe jump setups. For instance, Ryu can land a sweep and just jump in as soon as he recovers and the timing is perfect for a safe jump. Other characters have setups with dashes or whiffing a normal for timing. As far as I know, Ken hasn’t got anything like this. He has to time his safe jumps manually. To practice this, go to training mode, and land throws/sweeps and attempt to jump in so that your attack hits them in the waist. You’ll need to practice vs. Cammy specifically, because she, Sagat, and Blanka all have different wakeup timings from the rest of the cast. They’re a little bit slower getting up.

Thanks for the info guys. I think I got most of the stuff down, but i’m still getting hit by bunshin flip / vega’s super though.

I’ve a problem when Vega dive grabs you on wake up, what are can you do? Don’t give me something character specific, give it in a general sense. As for the super, you can probably just jump up and use spinning kick with a high chance of hitting as a Ken player. Any character can jump up, jump forward, jump back even and try to hit Vega or you can simply dash forward when Vega gets closer so your out of range. If they somehow do it on wake up as in the same second you stand up they are grabbing you, not really sure about that.

It seems the easiest safe jump Ken has is after a sweep. At least I have most success after it. It’s not perfect timing like Ryu’s, but you only need to delay the jump by a couple frames as far as I can tell. Also just straight jumping seems to work against Yun since he gets up from the ground faster. (don’t count on this as I haven’t done any testing in training mode)

I also have found whiffing a fierce after a forward throw to be a reasonable setup for safejump timing, especially if you cross up as well.

It’s too bad no frame data list anywhere seems to have frame advantage on knockdowns (assuming a character with average wakeup time); I could use that to calculate setups for safejump timing.

The problem is that different types of untechable knockdowns have different wake up timings for some characters. eg. A sweep may have a different wake up time from a f.throw or b.throw, and a character may also wake up with different timings depending on whether landed face down/up.

Here’s the jumping frame data from the wiki:

If you compare the frame data with known setups, you can use this to figure out safe jumps.