How did you do the Shinkuu Nage?

i’m a pad player and i have a hard time of doing the throwing move and combining eva toss. So any idea on helping me?:wgrin:

any 360 grab in the game actually only requires 4 directions to register in a sequential order.

those directions are :u:,:r:,:d:,:l:

the daigonals do not matter as long as you hit all 4 of those directions, in a sequential order.

so an easier way of attempting to do rocks 360 grab from a neutral standing position would be to move the controller like this:

however if you’re ticking with a short and you want to make sure you dont jump, then the command would be like this:
(hold :r:) cl.:lk: :uf::u::ub::l::db::d:+:hp:

also remember to be fast and spend time practicing in training mode.

So… it doesn’t matter which direction (clockwise/counterclockwise) you make the movement?
BTW, you press the punch movement after you’ve completed the 360, right?

clockwise/counterclock doesnt matter. press punch when you hit the last required direction.