How counter Claw in Super Turbo?

I mainly use Boxer and when Claw dive from air to attack or grab, i can’t find a real counter other than jump away or try to parry (but rarely works for me)

any tips?

thanks in advance

Parry? In ST?

Seconding the parry question.

Boxer does fine against Claw. He has plenty of options to escape the dive. Jump back MP, [ d ]u+HP under, [ b ]d/f+LK under etc.

Also your can fight his and your can beat his slides.

I meant to say “block”

You will not properly defends against all walldives. But the idea is to minimize damage and to put yourself into a position where he can’t loop the attacks. Read tataki’s post and watch how Daigo and Afrolegends handle the walldives for an idea:

Beat him on the ground. As a Vega player I have huge issues with Balrog’s cr. mp, cr. rh, and dash punch feints into headbutt loops.