How come no MvC?

How come no MvC??? they have SF2T and SF3S why not MvC and MvC2 still upset about that, I wish it could be one of the choices to vote on but for sure im voting on KoF2002

what are you talking about? There aren’t enough MvC1 players to fill a arcade machine if there is a MvC2 machine nearby. And MvC2 is in evo

i’m sure mvc1 would bring in a large number

also only limited games can get in, so if there was 10 different games being considered, each would have less registrations, and none of them would get in. I don’t tihnk MvC1 is more of an issue than CFE or A3 or even VS or SNK

Marvel vs Capcom2 is in Evo

so if street fighter 3 thrid strike is in evo then they shouldnt have street fighter 2??? is that what your saying??

a large number of bullshit,fuck that game.

also, 3S is in the tournament, however 2I is not. The reason is not so much because 3S is better, or newer, but because 2I got unofficially dropped from the roster of games being now played. Same deal with mvc1.

Did you really need to make a thread so someone could tell you this? Or are people going to start asking why cyberbots, tech romancer, other bullshit games like 20 people play arent in evo? Wait n/m…

Did I say that?

Here. Let me quote you again.

All I did was point out that MVC2 IS infact, in Evo2k5’s line up. And, thus, I have also proved at the same time that you are a complete moron.


There’s no MVC one in tourneys 'cause its time has come and gone.

But personally…The War Destroyer will gladly shoot missiles into anyones face who wants some casual play or mini tourneys on MVC one.


MVC isn’t there cause NY would take everyones money, just like they always did :stuck_out_tongue:

no need to be an asshole, he dosen’t know any better because he’s new.

He was beyond “new”, he crossed into “totally fucking retarded”