How come challenge mode in AE is missing the trials for the 4 new chars?

just asking

Bummer, isn’t it?

I don’t know either. It’s disappointing. I wonder if they’ll patch it in at some point?

I wish that SFFIV had MK’s level of content, cause I sure think SF’s a better game. But man, MK’s a better package.

Cause Capcom didn’t feel the need for it?

Training mode is just as good (or better)

There a bunch of combo videos on youtube for the new characters.

I never looked at challenge mode as being any sort of actual battle training… it’s just fun and rounds out the single-player content.

I really liked it waaaay back in Street Fighter EX. It had a little grid that filled up as you completed each trial. SSFIV’s challenge mode would benefit from that sort of thing or just being more streamlined in general, methinks.

yeah it feels like the game came out unfinished… maybe because it only costs 30 bucks, who knows

Seriously… 5 threads in about day? 90% of them are “hold my hand” and the others could have been answered within a 30 second google search. Please stop.

hey give me a break, this is the newbie section

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If you bought it as DLC its like 14 bucks, I’m more disappointing that the title screen isnt changed. Personally i could care less about the trials. I have friends crying “how can i learn the new characters if i dont have the trials?” training mode is how. you cant really complain when it was only 14 bucks if you bought it as DLC. 30 bucks for on disc is foolish.

lol yea, i was expecting that title screen, but got nothing :[

Hold my title screen.

Development costs. While more content is always a good thing (I love trials. They’re like executional minigames), Capcom has to balance a budget. It doesn’t matter if the trials would be considered a valuable addition. If they don’t think the trials are going to spur sales as much, they may get dropped to prioritize for other things like more QA time, interface tweaks or moving the employees onto more profitable ventures (Like SFxT).

That’s business. There’d also be inconsistencies, so maybe they’re a bit anal about things like that. If you had combos for the new 4, wouldn’t you want new combos for all the other AE incarnations of characters? Some characters lost and gained new combos.

I know that it’s really small, but I would prefer a title screen over a little gold stamp.

I bet they are going to charge us for those as DLC.

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