How can you tell when you are linking?

I’ve been grinding and when I do some dudley links that end in standing HK only sometimes I can go into ex machine gun blow. Any advice? I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

what i’m guessing is you’re trying to also cancel the st. hk into ex mgb. And if only that comes out it means you did it too fast. if your opponent blocks it it means you did it too slow (autblock must be on).

I do Cr.Lp Cr.Lp Cr.Lp Link St.Hk xxxx ExMGB
But a lot of the time it feels like St.HK isn’t linking its cancelling. Idk but exmgb doesn’t come out.

Crouch jab always links to stand roundhouse, there’s no chain or target combo. If you’re EX MGB isn’t coming out then check your inputs, maybe you’re not hitting the punch buttons before you get to the forward input or you’re being too slow.

It sounds like you’re trying to “chain” c.LP s.HK
tut sorta explains what chainin and linking is.

Taken from Wiki

Dudley’s chainable moves are his c.LP s.LP and f.LP

Just went in the lab and tried it. Out of 10 times St.HK linked 7 times and Exmgb came out 4 times. Maybe I just need more practice

s.HK xx EX MGB is a cancel
c.LP, s.HK is a link
EX MGB > duck upper is a juggle

just practice your links and cancels separately
c.LP c.LP s.HK one session
s.HK xx anything another
in no particular order

GL There’s a lot to learn at first but it gets easier with tut and playing a lot.

Dudley is great. I am linking almost anything into S.HK I only have problems linking forward HK into S.HK.
Dudley is also really fun he doesn’t have very many OS from what I see though. I learned his Safe jump setups.
Links are becoming way easier for me though

Dudley’s OSs are very character specific due to his range of his moves and DP.
Tut will cover everything hopefully I record it thursday and upload it friday.