How Can you Tell If someone is using Turbo?

So we all probably have seen those compilation videos of people using turbo. I don’t fully understand how it works. I know that it can make E.Hondas slap a one button press as opposed to three, I’ve seen people “rapid punch” as well (somehow?), but does it program whole moves like an SRK onto one buton press?

Also how, if at all can you tell if someone doing it mid match without having to check out their input data after the fight? I SUSPECT this dictator player I’ve been fighting is using his short kicks into short scissor kicks.

You can’t tell without looking at the replay, if you can’t quite tell when looking at the replay they probably are not using Turbo…

Turbo provides no real benefit in SF4, as it’s trivial for any decent player to hit links like Bisons into with 100% accuracy. As for the 1-frame links in the game, Turbo is not perfectly synced to the games 60-frame/sec rate and with practice a player can get better accuracy just by practicing the timing anyway.

Turbo is just like mashing buttons, every turbo user should be extremely easy to beat because it hurts their game with inaccurate timings. The easiest use of Turbo to beat is someone who uses it to tech throws, because they’ll be mashing out tons of buttons which would leave them wide open if you bait them into wiffing the multiple crouch techs.

This is what Turbo looks like; (Look for the annotation of “LOLWTF”)

you need to crouch tech more lol

Eh, I crouch tech a fair amount. Though I oddly do it more on the offensive (as you could probably see.) due to people on XBL mashing for throw if they don’t have a DP between my links a lot.
After two of those offensive crouch techs I tend to go for Kara throw anyway depending on if I’m as far as I like to be.

That video also shows the common execution mistake I have in that I don’t return to neutral before tapping forward and throw from downback and get a scarlet terror.

Also, Lol@Judging a video from months ago when I’ve improved a shit tonne since then :P.

by crouch tech more i meant less :stuck_out_tongue:

but at 2 months old i’m sure you probably got blown up enough to tone it down a bit lol

Uhm yes. I kinda thought that was supposed to happen (AKA I really hate being judged on my play skill back in APRIL. You know, when I first actually discovered what a fricken crouch tech was and was getting a feel for how it works.)
Remind me to just not bother posting examples of anything unless it’s pretty much recent unless I want to be judged.

sorry some things just stick out to me.

just say next time not to judge you because it’s 4 months old

Turbo only helps if you use a character with a mashable special move (Chun, Blanka, etc). That’s online/casual play only, though. In a more serious setting, If you can’t execute the special move without turbo, you can’t use the special move.

If I wanted it analyzed, I would have put it in the video thread. It was an example of a turbo user.


  • any touch of the button with turbo activated, always results in more than 1 inputs
  • if the player at some point in the match gets ONLY 1 input displayed for the suspected turbo enabled buttons, then there’s no turbo involved

Bad analogy, some players double/triple tap. I’m not one of them but I know a fair few people who do.

yeah, only 1 input is maybe too drastic.

if you use common sense, you’ll understand that turbo is useless if only 2-3 inputs come out (since the same thing can be achieved by multitaps/mashing)
but it’s generally a good idea before accusing someone to see if the suspected buttons sometimes get 1-2 presses in a row…

ex: if a guy is accused of doing instant turbo fierce electricity with blanka… but sometimes uses c.fierce/standing fierce as anti air… and in that situation gets only 1-2 inputs, then it’s safe to assume he’s legit

You can usually tell by how fast the inputs themselves actually come out. Some are just way too fast to be humanely possible.

i just remember my Blanka example is actually based on a Honda player on ShinAkuma channel who was very good at mashing Heavy Punch slaps… but when he used standing Heavy Punch as anti-air, it was a 1 clean input.

just because someone presses LK or LP or whatever a couple times doesnt meant they dont have more than 1 LP or LK button

oh… totally forgot you can assign the same function to multiple buttons :confused: