How can mss or rowtron fight cable doom capcom

I dont know how to set up this fight I can very much kill cable but I get toasted by doom my mags or storm dies which then leaves me with sent. I’m having problems on how to counterattack doom’s air lasers which my opponent frequently does even my sent gets stuck on the ground because of these lasers

With my Cable against scrubby Doom, I have good luck just doing sj.hp xx hk Electrap hp Viper Beam ad nauseum. Don’t do this if they have Storm after Doom and 2 or more bars. If they wavedash when you do sj.hp, don’t try to do on the way down, their c.hp will beat it out 99% of the time.

play doom like you’re playing against cable. you have to predict what he’s going to do. if he’s gonna superjump then dash cancel twice to get under him. if he does lasers on the ground, time the super jump and stay right above his ass. if you’re using cable then just shoot that shit if you see him sj because you know damn well he’s gonna try and shoot you with his weaker guns. if you’re using sentinel, sj and block the laser, fly and gain space. its a slow game, but not hard. people just get anxious

snap in capcom then kill him. You wont have to worry about AA any more and you’ll be able to get in close.

You dont want to fight cable head on when he has those 2 assists because he’s 2 cheap with them. Take out the assists then fight cable. It’ll make the fight much easier.

doom isn’t low tier. Show him some respect so you dont get yourself killed.

from what i’ve noticed all doom players play the same. sj laser, two red thingies. land. j. laser two times, dash in hp qcf+p, random’s while opponents blocking low, cross up d.+hp’s when opponent is landing. if you mix all those up randomly, you have a good doom haha

all high attacks beat doom out, snuff doom b4 he summons rocks n u shud be ok =)

snap cap in if get good hit, or just concentrate all meter to killin cable, doom/cap shouldn’t ever get a good clean hit on you xD

If you can kill cable easily: vs mag just dash in and out then wait for the capcom assist to come out. If doom doesn’t jump you should win with mixups. If he does jump just stay up under him and mix him up in the air when he does any move. Everything he does leaves his back open for a long time. vs storm you can do the same thing as mag but if it seem not to work just don’t fight him anymore your storm should be able to stay away and hail enough to win. vs sent I don’t know my sent sux