How can i use DC Cable without a Serial Port?

Hi. I bought this Nexus 4M Memory Card (w/ cable) and the DC Cable has a male DB25 Serial end. Since my computer was manufactured after 1875, it doesn’t have any Serial Ports. I’ve seen USB to male DB25 cables (which wouldn’t work without another adapter anyway), but HKEMS said that i’d need an actual Serial Port for the vmu/cable to work.

Any ideas? I’ve also looked for PCI cards that have a female DB25 Serial Port but couldn’t find one.

They gave you the wrong info. It actually uses a parallel connection, ie printer port connection. I’ve got one of them Nexus cards myself, haven’t used it for years though.

Your computer should have a parallel port unless it’s super new.

btw, you will never find a PCI card with a female serial port, they don’t exist!

There’s a reason why the polarity is different between parallel and serial connections, so you can tell by the plug what sort of interface the device uses.

Hm, misinformation is everywhere.

Is there any way i can be sure that it’s parallel and not serial? Cuz i’ve seen female/female serial adapters so it could be plugged into a serial port too.

Also, that wiki article says the Nexus card can be plugged into the computer via USB. That would be extremely convenient. Is it a blatant lie?

Why would they supply you a cable that you would have to buy a converter for? Doesn’t make sense.

Unless you have a different revision or something, but mine is definitely parallel.

Here are a couple of links that show it uses a parallel cable

If you’re not sure, just try it, you won’t blow anything up.

The real question is: Why wouldn’t they write anything useful on the box? There’s no instruction sheet inside either.

My computer doesn’t have a parallel port either but at least i know what to buy now. Thank you sir.

So the info about USB connectivity in the wiki article is wrong? How do i even know who wrote that so i can ask them?

I never heard about USB connectivity with this VMU. I’m guessing it’s a mistake as these VMU’s came out back in 98-99, USB hadn’t really taken off yet and a lot of manufacturers relied on the old parallel port, like the early Mp3 players.

Of course there’s nothing on the box, it’s from some chinese company, most of which are renowned for being very vague in their instructions.