How can i mod this arcadestick?

well actually i dont want to mod it at all, just change the artwork BUT i got a problem…
when i took away the 4 small screws (like in the photo below) i can’t took the Plexiglas away cause of the the buttons… for doing that i have to take away the buttons? if yes how?

here the photo:

I have to open the entire arcadestick and then take away the buttons? but i don’t know how to do that? is it easy? dangerous? (with the stick they gave me this thing : <— in need it ? if yes how does it work?)

thx… i think is an easy thing to do but i dont want to skrew everything up since the stick works great and i wouldnt dare do something bad to it :slight_smile:

Yes. You have to open it up from wherever it is held together, and remove the nut holding the buttons on if they are screw in, or pinch in the button holders if they are snap ins. Hopefully the buttons will have quick disconnects, or you will have to break out a soldering gun to de-solder/re-solder the connections.

sounds scary and dangerous since i’m quite a noob of these things :sweat:… i will try to open it carefully and then hope that everything goes fine :looney:

anyway here’s the inside:

i tried to push one of the button out, and it left the hole but i have to disconnect them?since i dunno anything about that…can u tell me if it’s difficult (see the pic above)?

Looks like you’re in luck. Those buttons appear to be hooked up with quick-disconnects. You should be able to just pull the wires off. Just make sure you label which wires go to which button so you can put them all back on in the correct places.

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I understood…tell me one more thing…i have to use some special gloves or i can use my hands without any probs? :looney:

Nah. Just use your hands or pry em off with a small flat head screwdriver. You dont have anything to worry about…provided you arent doing it all while the stick is plugged in with the system on.

ah ok so it won’t be that difficult … :smiley: at least i hope that cause i’m quite dumb with wires & co. :sweat: anyway thx for the answers … tmr i’ll try :rofl:

Be sure to post pics of the mod!

Yes, you have to use this glove:

:smiley: just kiddin. Good luck man. Where did you get that stick from?

It might seem a little overwhelming at first with all those wires, but you’ll be ok. Good luck.

You’re also going to need to remove the balltop from your stick. Stick a flat head in the groove at the bottom of the shaft and twist left to loosen it, then just twist it off. When you’re done changing the art, twist the balltop back on, and then stick the screw driver back in and twist right. If you don’t, the balltop will twist loose as you’re playing.

ok thx for all the information!
i already take away the ball on the stick…it was the easier job :wgrin:

as far as the origin of the arcadestick, i bought it from a chinese website that make custom arcadestick at a very “low” price… i contacted the hk seller and then when i was in hk last week i pick it up and test it, since i’m used to play with the sega cabinet at the arcade I was wondering I this stick would ve play since it’s not a real sanwa but an imitation (the sanwa one was to expensive for me :looney: )… and it turn out to be as good as the one at the arcades :wgrin: I’m happy with it,also cause now i can change the ball stick with one red or black, change the artwork (the one before was mine too but i’m bored with it) and it turn out to be very cheap and satisfied… for sure is not that professional like the ones i saw on this (beautiful) website but I’m very happy with it.

I paid 420HKD (40USD) for my custom stick… the complete sanwa set would have cost around 720 HKD (70USD) … couldnt afford that… but if one day I want, i can change with sanwa parts…but for now I’m very happy with this :angel:

70 Bucks for a Sanwa stick is GREAT.

i know that it was a great price but back then, and now, i couldn t afford that :wonder:

that’s a round gate for the stick. your stick currently has a square gate installed, you can remove the gate, pop out the square restrictor and put in the round one to give the stick a different feel.

sanwa doesn’t make a gate like this. if you can get more of them, you might be able to sell them in the trading forum as long as they will fit on a jlf (and it looks like it would).

IIRC, I saw a Circular Gate for the Sanwa JLW on Lizardlick. Not sure how/if it would work with other Sanwa’s though.

Sanwa JLW uses a screw on gate with 4 giant-ass screws. JLF uses snap-on gates. They’re completely incompatible. Don’t know why they did this.

As for that pic, I can’t tell by the angle if it’s just a square gate, or a square gate sanded into a circle. Does the gate on your stick have a square gate in place? If so, you can replace the center piece of the gate with that piece. If they’re both squares, then it’s just an extra. If you don’t have a square gate on the stick itself, you need to add in that piece.

wait wut, $70 for full sanwa

please explain how to order from that place.

I thinks AIAB just got big competition if US can place orders

They have an image on their site that says “Ships worldwide”

The only problem is I don’t know how to navigate through the site cus it’s in Chinese or whatever language it’s written in.
For us none Chinese.

70$ for a full sanwa i’m rly interested but don’t rly know how to order. Fiol want to help me/us out with that :)?