How can i fix my sanwa JLF Microswitches?

i think one of my switches got damaged in-flight (the stick was in my suitcase) as it’s not very responsive anymore. is there any easy way to open it to try to fix the problem?

You could either replace the micro switch or replace the PCB of the joystick. The first option is cheaper but requires soldering skills and the latter is more expensive and a lot easier to do, requires no soldering whatsoever.

More information please. Custom? TE? Hori? Is it the feel or in game response, describe more symptoms…

it’s a jlf from a TE stick. i know it’s the switch itself cause i’ve broken it all the way down to test it. even just using my fingers to press the switch i have to push it in farther to get anything to happen.

i don’t have a problem buying a new set of switches, but seeing as i’m home for christmas for the next week, i’d like to find a quick solution so i can play on my break.

Have you opened the Microswitch and looked inside?

Yeah I would just get a replacement PCB, TP-MA, and a new spring while you are at it jic. If any other switches go bad you now have 3 spares you can replace with a soldering iron.

no, i don’t know how. thats one of the thing i’m asking how to do.

It is possible, but if a part like a internal switch spring is broken or over extended, there is little you can do to fix it, and would be cheaper to replace.

is there anywhere that sells the switch+pcb by itself?

thanks. how fast are they with shipping usually? and where do they ship from?

Right now, if you live in the US, your stuff usually arrives in a week. They are in Raleigh, NC.

You open like this.

Yes, you can buy TP-MA at Lizard Lick.
They good time shipping.

ive popped the tops off and nothing looks out of place. it still seems to connect when it’s supposed to.