How can i counter Viper?

i have a friend on my list who mains viper. we go 50/50 on wins. i thought i had the match up down, but it seems i was wrong. the problem is my friend has a somewhat up close mix up game. he plays at a steady pace and he is very reachable. Lately the vipers i play do nothing but a sequence of special moves, at an electric space and i am having a hard time dealing with special move after special move. Even when i successfully block burn kicks, it seems she is safe on block. i cant get close to her without getting hit by one of these random special moves. the continious earth pounds is also a killer. once close, out comes the EX burn kick i think it is??? she leaves the ground and beats all grounded normals. i seem to get hit out of neutral jumps with burn kicks. When i get a firm grasp of the game, the user always leaves knowing im getting closer and the ambiguity of specials might start wearing off soon. but closer is not enough and the match up download wasnt completed. Can someone please tell me counters to all of her specials, because i will admit, if i play a viper and all they do is a sequence of specials, as sad as it might sound, i will lose. i just cant get close enough and eventually i start guessing wrong on blocks.

Viper’s normal attacks are not very great so she has to rely on specials moves more and yes she’s relatively safe after all of them on block except for HP.TK(her uppercut like move) and EX.BK(She spins like a blanka ball and then does a burnkick).
Is your problem that you can’t keep an offense on her or that you can’t get her off you? I assume it’s the first but your options depend on which character your using so I can’t help you much.

LK.BK loses to everything that’s not a low attack and most other BK’s can be dodged by lowering your hitbox with a normal or using a focus attack to absorb it.

Thunder Knuckles are high priority moves so at most you’ll trade with them unless you hit them out of their startup frames, MP.TK though can be be beat with a low hitting normal with enough range & you can make HP.TK whiff with some normals.

EX.Seismo loses to throws and airborne attacks, regular Seismo’s are really unsafe when whiffed so a Viper will only throw one out if your 3/4 or full screen away or if they’re certain you won’t jump…when your at mid screen or closer she’ll start feinting them to try and get you to jump so she can AA you, she won’t throw one out cause the risk is to big so just walk up into footsie range and engage her.

thanks for your response. yes my problem is keeping an offense on her. I had no idea Ex Bk was unsafe on block. I’ll now look out for it or try to bait it. Also thnx for detailing vipers approach play at the end, i will work on that, hopefully force more errors. It felt weird asking this question here bacause im not helping this forum by asking you guys how to beat your character:)

It’s good to think about how to beat your own character so you can realize their weakness and find a way to compensate for each weakness, knowing your opponents options when your in a bad situation will help in making a read to escape or reverse the situation. Also the whole “I know that you know that I know…” game comes into play allowing you to make unorthodox decisions or “random” decisions, take my above Seismo example…If I know that you know I won’t throw out a Seismo and your going to just walk into footsie range I can just walk forward closing the gap faster than you expected and go for a throw most likely grabbing you out of your normals start-up frames which you were pressing in anticipation of engaging in footsies…I could also walk up and do Vipers overhead which beats throw and low attacks and BAM! your in a 50/50 situation.

Your question was more helpful than the hundreds of people asking how to do Seismo chains and FFF or asking the same question 3 post above their own.