How can I Attack short characters with wesker

i’m I the only one finding this difficult I find ammy very hard to fight against unless I turtle and wait for the 6 hit combo to end and counter zero is a whole different story even if you block everything he will get priority on you and attack first


Dont try and out beat wolverine/ammy/zero/dante on attacks. their faster and will tend to win out. just advanced guard, and escape when it is safe to do so. if you can’t get them off you, then teleport around alot safetly until they start to get mental fatigue trying to keep up, maybe get out a safe beam assist , then swoop in for a cross up kill.

And be careful with counter super. very tempting to pull it out, but only do it if they are making their intentions of jumping in at you and attacking very, very clear. and havea spare bar to dhc

If ammy is being extremely predictable by spamming f+B you can advance guard it and weskers c.B will beat out her f+B or f+C at a range. You have to time it well though as when its not at a range she will easily beat it out.

A lot of times I will teleport around or SJ with a projectile assist to fish for a hit then follow up with a juggle or gunshot juggle depending on the range.

Fishing with ground gunshots is a bad idea against small characters so keep that to a minimum.

Even if they are being predictable with air attack spam I would NOT suggest going for air throws. It can be very hard to air throw them due to their small size and most of their jumping attacks OS into throw.