How can girls play our game if we dont respect them?

When Poison joins SFIV, she needs to have a specific story. She’s trying to get fighters to take her seriously, but they’re all too distracted. This really pisses her off. So, she annoyingly purchases some clothes that cover her a little bit better. Then she is able to take on fighters and they respect her more as a fighter in return and are not distracted by her looks as much.

I absolutely hate how hypocritical the fighting game community is. We want girls to feel comfortable if they here, but at the same time we have many characters completely objectifying women. Now don’t get me wrong, SF4 is one of the best if not the best fighter at treating women respectfully and emphasizing their fighting spirit more than their eye candy looks. (Chun-Li’s conservative original costumes come to mind)

I just don’t want us to go down the wrong path with poison, and I don’t want us to set a bad example for girls. We will be taking giant leaps back in the very small steps forward we have come in incorporating a higher female percentage into the community.

Please Capcom, focus greatly on Poison and the struggles she is to overcome if she is to be taken as a true fighter and as a potential role-model for females.

Poison is a dude. This thread is horrendous. You’re a troll.

You troll…

Whether or not poison is a girl, a dude, a hermaphrodite, or a post-op transexual, she is currently represented as a female. Thus, she currently represents a female fighter in my eyes. If this thread is horrendous and I’m a troll, please explain why so I can try to fix it.

Edit: Listen you stupid idiots stubborn people. No one who is completely new to SF is going to know the backstory behind Poison. They are simply going to view her as a female. And Capcom needs to take this into account.

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This thread… for a moment there I thought I was in GD.

Because your fanboyish threads aren’t welcome here.

You make stupid threads about this or that hypothetical situations. In the end, they’re just hypothetical threads that nobody gives a fuck about. It’s sort of like “theory fighter”, which is basically any thread regarding balance and beyond as well. Nobody cares about it.

What can you do to fix it? Stop making threads.

Also, way to go… You made this thread in the Vanilla SF4 forum, where nobody exists.

You have absolutely no right to say what is and what is not welcome here. A moderator is the one who decides that not you. Also, plenty of people enjoy discussing my hypothetical threads so if you’re judging me then you’re also judging them. If you dislike something I’m saying in my thread, keep it on topic in the thread as to why you dislike it. That goes for everyone. I hate my threads being filled with off-topic spam and such.

Also, if any of you call me a troll without explaining why you believe I am a troll, I will label your post as abuse.

Also… thank you for telling me this is in the SF4 thread and not AE. I make that mistake a lot. I’ll try to get it moved.

Eyo, nigga.

As long as Poison’s character is well thought out who cares how she dresses? Some people like to be more conservative, others don’t. What’s important is how much time and effort is put into the depth of her character, looks shouldn’t matter either way so you’re kind of defeating your own point.

Now if Poison was a shallow monochromatic character that had nothing to ‘offer’ but eye candy, that would be an issue.
Poor characterization of any sex, gender, type etc of character is much more the issue than what they like to wear.
Chun’s modest, Juri is moderate, Cammy is pretty modest (her leotard is for ease of movement), Rose varies etc. At least in SF, Capcom has done a fine job showing different types of strong women. And this is coming from a woman.

Just thought I’d give some food for thought; though this thread seems like either a joke or just horrendously constructed.

Has this guy ever made a decent thread?

As does ALL of the threads this dude makes.

I completely agree with you if this was a perfect world. But Poison needs to at least have an alternate costume showing the compromise she has to make for men who are simply too distracted by her. Otherwise how will girls understand that many boys can simply be too distracted by them to take them seriously if they wear very revealing clothes.

Edit: Believe me I did not intend this thread to be a joke. I really like Poison but I’m worried we’re going to have even less females in the SF Community because guys are going to revert back to viewing them solely as sexual objects. The grossness of the stream whenever a female announcer comes up is proof of our stupidity and immaturity.

Dammit, you got me there. I suppose I’ll just have to disagree.

To quote Peter Griffin: While I may not agree with what you say, I’ll defend to the death you’re right to say it.

You’re complaining about how some female characters are eye candy, correct? Because they appear attractive and supposedly all men see is a lot of T&A, correct? How the fuck doesn’t this apply to male characters too? Even Honda, who is literally supposed to be a sumo wrestler, is completely ripped. Most of the dudes in the game are completely unrealistic, you won’t see a dude that looks like Sagat or Ryu walking down the street. Nobody’s ever said “We have many characters completely objectifying men”.

Okay, a few assholes can’t see past boobs, but they should be taken as individual assholes not evidence of the entire gender. “Revert back to viewing them solely as sexual objects” what the fuck? Is it some kind of evolutionary fact that, in the land before time, men’s eyes saw only the breasts and ass of the females? You have no right to go around apologizing for a gender. I am sick and tired of this shit, I am sick and tired of this topic, and I am sick and tired of you making shitty threads.

Here’s some actual advice.
4 Threads, partial analysis…

  1. I hated Evo thread. What went wrong?
    it was whiny. Very whiny. People on SRK tend to not like whiny. In fact, it was so whiny, that it sounded fake. Hence why people thought you were trolling. I still don’t know if you were legit in that thread, because it seemed too over-the-top of an opinion to be real. It’s sort of like you were trying to be the anti-hero.

  2. Balance vs. Uniqueness - You didn’t use the terms properly, and when called out on it… you made another thread… also, when it came to the nitty gritty, you didn’t actually argue… You just dropped out of the conversation. The conversation in that thread is actually pretty decent now.

  3. The other thread you made as the offspring of #2 - It was an offspring thread… edit the original and go with it.

  4. This thread: “OMG SEXISM” - again, this just seems way too… over-the-top and as that one poster said… It’s really hard to tell if you’re serious (which is what you’re claiming), seriously stupid (As in, not understanding how to state your argument at all), or trolling (which, at least to a few of us, seems the most likley).

A woman, or anyone else for that matter, should not have to dress ANY WAY for a man or any one else, revealing or not. Someone being distracted by how another looks is a personal problem on their end. If they can’t take someone seriously because of the way they look they were the issue to begin with and are either not focused enough or just a creep.

If you act like you’ve never seen ____ before and can’t handle it, I’m going to use that to my advantage. Shouldn’t have to compromise for anything; for what and for who? A woman shouldn’t have to modify her looks for someone else, SHE should be in charge of herself. If someone else has an issue or is ignorant, that reflects on their character, not hers. (This isn’t just for women, it’s for everyone. The thought of anyone having to do something so ridiculous is absurd).

There is simply nothing about this post that I can disagree with, therefore I concede. However I do strongly stand by my original worry that the Street Fighter Community is going to take a giant leap back and the 1% of female fighters we have will either stay like that or become less because Poison has the strong affect of causing men to view women sexually. This is, I believe, the only thing that haults women from freely playing this game at tournaments with men. There’s just too many creeps.

A final thought: I guess it would be nice, whatever story they choose for Poison, if they give her one that shows how to deal with all the creeps out there!

Female announcer = real life girl = real life pussy.

This is a video game character… A FUCKING SET OF POLYGONS
If you get turned on by that shit, you have problems that might require you to see therapy.

As for turning off females… I’m not going to, as a man, say women wont be turned off… But the hideously disproportioned sex object that Barbie has become and with all that’s shown in the media, Poison as a character in SF is tame compared to say…
Things found here:
and assholes like this that bring down young girls’ self-esteem

  1. That thread was a complete mess on my part. I wanted to be the one who everyone hated, but also the one who people secretly agreed on. All my opinions in that post were truthful, however I wanted them to be over-the-top in a way that’s either outrageous or funny. (Air fireball wars are a snooze fest though, and at least some agreed on that). And yea, I did a horrible job at that thread so lets just leave that in the past. It closed, it deserves to stay closed, my bad, the end.

  2. I simply wanted people to enjoy the discussion. I’m sorry for not taking a heavy part in it and not following it as well. I wanted to make a new thread, however I think it failed to be created. My new thread was going to discuss whether people truly even want balance if we were able to attain perfect uniqueness? Some people actually like the excitiment of an underdog fight, and perfect balance gets rid of this. But I think that thread failed to be created :frowning:

Edit: After reading your post it appears that my other thread was made and perhaps immediately deleted. I will take your advice anyways and simply edit my first post to allow for this additional topic to be discussed in that thread.

  1. I am serious, most likely seriously stupid, but I hate being a troll and being viewed as one. I have more respect for Street Fighter than any other game. I got my console solely to play Street Fighter and other random 2D fighters when I get the itch. But first and foremost, I play SF.

I understand your point with everything except your first sentence.

Female announcer = real life girl = real life pussy.

What exactly does this mean, or what is this referring to.

In any case, pussy when used to refer to females is a rather derogatory term. I view it along the lines of referring to a guy (be he straight or gay) as a fag. It’s simply derogatory.