How bright are KNserts?

Im thinking of adding more bling to my stick, and am considering LEDs. No controllers yet Ill decide on one later on, for now just lights. I see there are KNserts, I cant seem to find an alternative. Are there others?.

And how bright are KNserts? Im thinking about using them with opaque sanwa buttons (i want them to shine through the gap) do you think they will be noticable? Spread across all my sticks I have white, purple, and black buttons. Im hoping at the very least a glow will be visible on the white buttons due a reflection.

I might buy none, just enough for my white buttons or 14 (8+6 face buttons) depending…

Arc Eyes 2 and 3, Pele, Uila. They are all RGB LEG which does any color you want while the KN inserts does white light.
Also if you are super ardcore you can install 3mm LEDs in push buttons (not a easy mod)

I can’t quote you actual measurements but they are quite bright.

You not really notice except for what little leaks though the gap between the Plunger and rim. Lighter colored buttons will allow some light though.

You would be wasting your time and money with dark color opaque sanwa buttons and LEDs.