How big is theEuropean Skullgirls community?

i am interested buying the game , but i need to know how big is the european skullgirls community on xbox and how is the netcode ?

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Also SG netcode is the best of any fighter this gen.

nice to know that i allready bought the game … i still didnt go to play online cause i still didnt figure out the mechanics and fundamentals…in fact i dont know shit about it and i wont go play online till i get at least playable
so , now the only question is , any european players out there?

Yes, there are a number of European players, and they even have a weekly Skullbats online tournament.

this is good to know… i am really liking the game i think its awsome … deffinetly something different than street fighter …
luckily good execution i build up playing SF is helping me a lot … i hope i can learn at some level level Ms.Fortune and 1 more character in a week so i can start playing online

That’s on PSN though. XBox I don’t know what’s up.

I’d recommend going to this forum -

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I live in Estonia and play this on PSN and also waiting for the Steam version.