How big is the FG scene in Japan? Other countries?

With new fighting games out like SF4, BB, Tekken 6 and the rerelease of MvC2 the US FG scene isnt doing all that bad. Here its like few people play fighting games compared to bullshit games like Halo though, kinda hard to find good competition depending on where you are.

I hear too many myths about how the FG scene Japan is. I heard just random arcade no-names would beat most of US comp and everybody takes them serious etc etc. I dont want any bullshit stories like that, I’m curious to exactly how big they are over there. Are they like the most popular genre out there? Are they as big as games like Halo, GH, etc are here? Is it only big in certain areas?

I’m not trying to ride on Japan’s nuts, I’m wondering how big they are in other places like Korea, Brazil, UK, etc. Can any foreign/traveling SRKers tell me how big the scene is where youve been?

S Korea has [media=youtube]WVCzFpthpHs"[/media], so that’s probably pretty big there.

Yes, fighting games on Japan are pretty big, is not a myth.

I think that the most important factor about the Japanese scene is this: They play and are very good at everything, even for the most obscure fighting games (check out every Youtube video with the Mi-Ka-Do label, that Arcade center is somewhat the fighting gamer heaven), in the US it seems that the “serious” scene is just ST, 3s, MVC2, maybe Tekken and thats all… i dont mind about that, but its somewhat boring at times.

As a Latin American i can tell you the obvious: KOF is extremelly popular here, specially on Mexico, Colombia and Chile. Brazil has a very competent SF2CE scene.

Specifically on my country, here in Chile we play a lot KOF (specially 2k2), CE, Third Strike and Tekken… but also there is a very surprising UMK3 scene.

um thats not bullshit at all. fg’s are big in asia. bam. okay now what. what specific info are you seeking from this?

Nothing, I’m just curious. I didnt know if it was like everybody everywhere played fighting games like how people love FPS games in the US or if it was real big in certain areas or what. I just hear too many dumb stories about Japan from people who know nothing about it, thats all.

Ask Emil.

Japan doesn’t really do the big payouts for their top tier gamers that a lot of other countries do, so their scene is a bit different. Not as likely to see it on TV, but the community for fighting games is very big.

they have sf4 on tv as well

pachinko is bigger than arcade in japan. pc room in korea.
it’s like this, niggas are walking around shinjuku or shibuya trying to pick up/stalk beezies in miniskirts, then get tire from the insane wave of people, so they sit down at an arcade to rest.

Nice thread. We know it is big but they live so far away. A huge majority havent step foot in Japan let alone go to an actually arcade.

Time to close the thread.

That’s right, in Latin American KoF games are pretty popular, specially 2k2 and 98 , and so are Tekken games.

You should also add MvC2 (at least for Chile), I don’t know in which part of Santiago you are living, but I’m pretty sure that you have also heard about this, in puente alto arcades (flipperin) the game is pretty popular along with KoF 2k2 and GGXXAC (of course MvC2 being popular is something that should be expected coming from almost anywhere), games like TvC, Blazblue, CvS2 or even SFIV aren’t played there as much as the previously mentioned games, but they still have their scene alive in other places of the country, Iquique has a remarkably TvC scene for example.

Also, where is the UMK3 scene, which place/arcades? I don’t see it around here and I would like to play a few matches someday :rofl:

SF 4 is gettin more and more attn here, Tekken and MK have always an scene here but… recently this 28-10-2009 in my country a law was aproved that says that all violent videogames and toys are forbidden. So no shooters, no fighting games, no nothing.

Sucks to be here right now (road to the 21 century comunism), please someone helps. =(


Again, not trying to nut-ride or anything, but shit is serious. JWong came out Japan to practice a while before SBO, went to a local tournament, and both lost out first round. He didn’t lose to Daigo, or Mago, or Iyo, or anything like that. Justin lost out first round to a Dictator player who didn’t even qualify for SBO iirc.


more of the same.

Also no, online gaming isn’t as big here as it is in America, which is one of the reasons why games produced in Japan don’t get as good netcode, people would rather get out of their tiny ass apartments rather than sitting around cramped playing Halo all day or some shit.

Obama needs to send aid to Venezuela in the form of ST cabinets :rofl:

i guess you could still play one of those faggy games like twinkle twinkle star. still technically a fighter but it just looks like shiny stars flying all over

Uh, I lost to Mago… What are you talking about? You are trying to dickride you dumb piece of shit if you’re not going to say I lost to Mago.


Youtube that you dumb shit.

My bad I fucked up. No disrespect, edited.

Edit: No need to get butthurt again, btw. My point wasn’t that you guys aren’t good or anything, just that the level of local tourneys in Japan can be comparable to national tourneys in the states. I don’t think you’ve got objections to that?

Here in southern germany u can basically find only some SF IV in gamestop and some local stores on the PS3/Xboxs. Compared to RTS or FPS, fighting games dont get that many attention.

This is actually true. Thing is, I’m not sure how no-name the players are considered over there, but there’s MANY players in Japan that most players in the US have never heard of (even if they were following the scene) and most of those guys do in fact, destroy the US.

Fighting games are big in many countries but they just aren’t as serious about competition as Japan is, so Japan pretty much blows all countries out of the water in all games, with exception of Tekken(Korea may be a bit better, but it looks fairly even), Marvel and other VS games (US). Kof is really big in latino countries and the gap is smaller compared to asia, but either way Asia is the best in kof.